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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adaptive error estimators for solving of wave equationsKarban, Pavel; Mach, František
2011Adaptivity techniques in hp-finite element methodKarban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo; Šolín, Pavel
2015Analysis of natural frequencies in the transformer coreKoudela, Lukáš; Karban, Pavel; Mach, František; Schlosser, Martin; Sýkora, Martin; Karel, Jan
2013Calculation of Force Acting on the Armature of Electromagnetic ActuatorMach, František; Karban, Pavel; Kůs, Pavel; Korous, Lukáš
2019Calibration of laser welding model based on optimization techniquesPetrášová, Iveta; Kotlan, Václav; Šroubová, Lenka; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2019Calibration of numerical model of magnetic induction brazingPánek, David; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2020Comparison of simplified techniques for solving selected coupled electroheat problemsPánek, David; Karban, Pavel; Orosz, Tamás; Doležel, Ivo
2003Computation of 3D electrostatic fields excited by thin conductorsKarban, Pavel; Škopek, Martin; Doležel, Ivo
2019Design of linear peristaltic pumpMuška, Jiří; Karban, Pavel; Petrášová, Iveta; Doležel, Ivo
2013Detection of Surface Crack Using Eddy CurrentsSlobodník, Karel; Karban, Pavel
2013Eddy Current Defectoscopy with Utilisation of Cross-CorrelationJansa, Jindřich; Karban, Pavel
2003Effective impendance of a conductor as a function of its cross-section and frequencyDvořák, Pavel; Karban, Pavel
2018Electromagnetic radiation efficiency of body-implanted devicesNikolayev, Denys; Zhadobov, Maxim; Karban, Pavel; Sauleau, Ronan
2015Experimental electrostatic separator for plastic mixtureKacerovský, Jan; Brabec, Jan; Mach, František; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2013Experimental Study of Triboelectric Separator for Mixture of Plastic ParticlesŠtarman, Václav; Kacerovský, Jan; Mach, František; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2007Experimental support of theoretical electrical engineering educationBenešová, Zdeňka; Karban, Pavel; Pánek, David
2020FEM based preliminary design optimization in case of large power transformersOrosz, Tamás; Pánek, David; Karban, Pavel
2016Formovanie magnetického poľa vo vodivom biomateriály v dôsledku deformácieChudáčik, Vladimír; Smetana, Milan; Karban, Pavel
2015Genetic algorithm with prediction of unsuitable variants based on existing solutionsMach, František; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2011High voltage insulator for outdoor use solved by adaptive finite element methodMach, František; Karban, Pavel