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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adaptivní osvětlení průmyslové kuchyněJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David
2017Cold crucible HFG160Jiřinec, Stanislav; Rot, David
2011Conductor´s ampacityRot, David
2020The control system for heating of small buildings with heat recovery unit and heat pumpJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David
2021Controlled Ventilation of Interior Spaces Using a Central Recuperation UnitJiřinec, Jakub; Raková, Lenka; Rot, David
2021Cost reduction opportunities in induction surface hardening processes for smaller diameter cylindrical loadsRot, David; Knedlík, Michal; Jiřinec, Jakub; Hajek, Jiří; Kožený, Jiří; Podhrazky, Antonín
2022Development of hardening machine and intelligent controlKnedlík, Michal; Rot, David
2019Distortion in induction-hardened cylindrical partHájek, Jiří; Rot, David; Jiřinec, Jakub
2019The energy efficient solution for intelligent lightingJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David; Velev, Raytcho
2021Heat transfer in induction melting of aluminum oxide in cold crucibleRot, David; Hrbek, Jan; Jiřinec, Jakub
2021Induction annealing of austenitic spring steels for nuclear reactorsHájek, Jiří; Rot, David; Čubrová, Jana; Jiřinec, Jakub
2020Indukční tavba oxidu hlinitého v zařízení studeného kelímkuRot, David
2021Manipulation system for measuring heat flux in radioactive meltKnedlík, Michal; Rot, David; Hrbek, Jan
2019Measurement of indoor environment parameters in a classroom equipped with heat recovery unitJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David; Šenkýř, Vojtěch
2019Measuring system for recuperation unitsJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David
2010Modelování startu tavby oxidů kovů elektromagnetickou indukcí ve studeném kelímkuRot, David; Kožený, Jiří
2019Optimization of the energy consumption of a building with PVJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David; Jiřinec, Stanislav
2021Possibilities of Using an Energy Surplus of Photovoltaic Power PlantsJiřinec, Jakub; Knedlík, Michal; Rot, David
2019Preliminary experiments while designing a cold crucible for metal meltingRot, David; Jiřinec, Jakub
2023Specialised Frequency Converter For Induction DevicesKnedlík, Michal; Rot, David