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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The Framework for Logistics 4.0 Maturity Model with a Specification for Internal LogisticsZoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal
2021Industry 4.0 Maturity Model Assessing Environmental Attributes of Manufacturing CompanyZoubek, Michal; Poór, Peter; Broum, Tomáš; Basl, Josef; Šimon, Michal
2020Industry 4.0: A case study of industrial company transformation into Smart Factory with an accent on internal logistics and productionZoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal
2020Logistics 4.0: Readiness and technology of internal logistics processes of companies and design of a maturity model for warehousingZoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal
2020A maturity model for evaluating and increasing the readiness of the company within the concept of industry 4.0 with a focus on internal logistics processesZoubek, Michal; Poór, Peter; Šimon, Michal
2020Methodology for evaluating the readiness of internal logistics processes for Industry 4.0Zoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal
2020Methodology proposal for storage rationalization implementing principles of industry 4.0. In a technology – driven warehouseZoubek, Michal; Poór, Peter; Broum, Tomáš; Šimon, Michal
2021Metodika pro hodnocení připravenosti interních logistických procesů na Průmysl 4.0Zoubek, Michal
2020Návrh modelu připravenosti pro hodnocení interních logistických procesů v kontextu Průmyslu 4.0Zoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal
2022Overall Readiness of Logistics 4.0: A Comparative Study of Automotive, Manufacturing, and Electronics Industries in the West Bohemian Region (Czech Republic)Zoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal; Poór, Peter
2021Proposal of a Tool for Determining Sub- and Main Dimension Indicators in Assessing Internal Logistics Readiness for Industry 4.0 within a CompanyPoór, Peter; Zoubek, Michal; Šimon, Michal
2016Prostorové uspořádání pro nový výrobní programZoubek, Michal
2014Řízení údržby ve strojírenských podnicíchZoubek, Michal