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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of particle size distribution and other parameters of nanoparticles in natural ester oilTotzauer, Pavel; Kúdelčík, Jozef; Hornak, Jaroslav; Michal, Ondřej; Trnka, Pavel; Mentlík, Václav
2020Compatibility of polymer materials with natural-based insulation oilsMužík, Martin; Trnka, Pavel; Hornak, Jaroslav; Michal, Ondřej; Mentlík, Václav
2020Current and voltage response measurements on nanodielectricsHornak, Jaroslav; Michal, Ondřej; Trnka, Pavel; Mentlík, Václav; Vuity, G.; Nouini, O.; Tamus, A.
2016Diagnostická jednotka PEA pro měření prostorového náboje v dielektrických materiálechHornak, Jaroslav
2020Dielectric behaviour of natural and synthetic esters at inhomogeneous field conditionsHaller, Rainer; Hornak, Jaroslav; Trnka, Pavel; Hlaváček, Jan; Gamil, Ahmed
2021Dielectric responses of polyurethane/zinc oxide blends for dry-type cast cold-curing resin transformersKúdelčík, Jozef; Hardoň, Štefan; Trnka, Pavel; Michal, Ondřej; Hornak, Jaroslav
2022Dielectric, structural and mechanical properties of thermally aged biaxially oriented polymeric substrates for flexible electronicsHornak, Jaroslav; Kadlec, Petr; Kopřiva, Jiří; Polanský, Radek
2022The Effect of High Concentrations of MgO on Space Charge Accumulation and Electric Field Distribution in Epoxy ResinKopřiva, Jiří; Hornak, Jaroslav; Trnka, Pavel; Michal, Ondřej; Hardoň, Štefan
2021Effect of MgO nanoparticles on material properties of cold-curing epoxy and polyurethane mixturesHornak, Jaroslav; Prosr, Pavel; Trnka, Pavel; Kadlec, Petr; Michal, Ondřej; Hardoň, Štefan
2020Effect of nanometric oxides on dielectric and mechanical properties of epoxy resinHornak, Jaroslav; Kubeš, Tomáš; Trnka, Pavel
2019Effect of thermal stress on the hybrid fibre/particle nanocompositeMichal, Ondřej; Mentlík, Václav; Hornak, Jaroslav; Trnka, Pavel; Totzauer, Pavel
2021Effect of ZnO nanoparticles on the dielectric properties of polyurethane and epoxy resinsHardoň, Štefan; Kúdelčík, Jozef; Hornak, Jaroslav; Trnka, Pavel; Tamus, Zoltán Adam; Koltunowicz, Tomasz
2021Environmental impact and aging properties of natural and synthetic transformer oils under electrical stress conditionsKurzweil, Peter; Schell, Christian; Haller, Rainer; Trnka, Pavel; Hornak, Jaroslav
2020Evaluation of structure influence within the context of water diffusion and surface current of glass reinforced polymer composites for HV insulationKadlec, Petr; Pihera, Josef; Prosr, Pavel; Džugan, Tomáš; Totzauer, Pavel; Hornak, Jaroslav; Kroupa, Tomáš; Zemčík, Hana; Pavlica, Richard; Sedláčková, Pavlína; Komárek, Josef
2020Halloysite nanotubes as an additive to ensure enhanced characteristics of cold-curing epoxy resins under fire conditionsHornak, Jaroslav; Kadlec, Petr; Polanský, Radek
2017Homogenizace vnitřní struktury třísložkového kompozitního dielektrikaHornak, Jaroslav
2021Impact of ultrasonic mixing on the electrical properties of PEI/SiO2 nanocompositesMichal, Ondřej; Mentlík, Václav; Hornak, Jaroslav
2022Influence of Nanoparticles on the Dielectric Response of a Single Component Resin Based on PolyesterimideHardoň, Štefan; Kúdelčík, Jozef; Baran, Anton; Michal, Ondřej; Trnka, Pavel; Hornak, Jaroslav
2020Influence of production and operating conditions on properties of acrylic conformal coatingsSteiner, František; Hirman, Martin; Rous, Pavel; Hornak, Jaroslav
2019The Influence of ZnO nanoparticles in the epoxy resin on the complex permittivity and dissipation factorHardoň, Štefan; Kúdelčík, Jozef; Hornak, Jaroslav; Michal, Ondřej; Totzauer, Pavel; Trnka, Pavel