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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Approximate Reconstructions of Perturbed Rational Planar CubicsBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2020Approximate symmetries of planar algebraic curves with inexact inputBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2017Branching pieces of rational skins from polynomial MOS patchesLávička, Miroslav; Bizzarri, Michal
2020Computing projective equivalences of special algebraic varietiesBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2020Construction of Minkowski Pythagorean hodograph B-spline curvesBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav
2018A direct and local method for computing polynomial Pythagorean-normal patches with global G1 continuityBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Kosinka, Jiří; Vršek, Jan
2017Hermite interpolation by piecewise polynomial surfaces with polynomial area elementBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Šír, Zbyněk; Vršek, Jan
2019Linear computational approach to interpolations with polynomial Minkowski Pythagorean hodograph curvesBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2020Note on determining approximate symmetries of planar algebraic curves with inexact coefficientsBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2017Piecewise rational approximation of square-root parameterizable curves using the Weierstrass formBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2020Plane Space Representation in Context of Mode-Based Symmetry Plane DetectionHruda, Lukáš; Kolingerová, Ivana; Lávička, Miroslav
2017Rational adaptive blends among obstacles in 3D by contour methodBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav
2017Skinning and blending with rational envelope surfacesBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav; Kosinka, Jiří
2019Symmetries and similarities of planar algebraic curves using harmonic polynomialsAlcazar, Juan Gerardo; Lávička, Miroslav; Vršek, Jan
2017Translation surfaces and isotropic nets on rational minimal surfacesVršek, Jan; Lávička, Miroslav
2017Triangular PN patches subject to surface-area constraintsBizzarri, Michal; Lávička, Miroslav