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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis and Synthesis of Realizable Non-equilibrium Dissipative StructuresHrušák, Josef; Štork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2003Contribution to the minimization of looses in three-phase lineMayer, Daniel; Kropík, Petr
2011Design of a stepper transducer with ferroliquidPolcar, Petr; Mayer, Daniel
2019Direct currents in power transformersŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2003Distribution of the electric field on the surface of bundled conductorsMayer, Daniel; Veselý, Vít
2017Electronic system for reactive power compensation of sampled resistive loadŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2013Evaluation of the linearization of mathematical models of AC magnetic circuitsMayer, Daniel; Ulrych, Bohus
2016Generalized tellegen principle used for energy method for systems modelingŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel; Hrušák, Josef
2015Heating of three-phase shielded supply at short circuitMayer, Daniel; Ulrych, Bohuš; Kropík, Petr
2007Magnetic circuits with permanent magnets, generating strong magnetic fieldsMayer, Daniel; Ulrych, Bohuš
2019Modified Tellegen Principle Used for Power and Energy Systems ModelingŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2019Modified tellegen principle used for power and energy systems modelingŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2015A new chaotic system based on state space energy feedbackŠtork, Milan; Hrušák, Josef; Mayer, Daniel
2022A New Way of Protection of the Transmission Power System Against the Effects of Magnetic StormsMayer, Daniel
2011A novel approach to magnetic fluids permeability measurementPolcar, Petr; Mayer, Daniel; Pánek, David
2021Protection of power transformers against the effect of magnetic stormsMayer, Daniel
2018RLC Ladder Oscillators Controlled by Energy ApproachŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2023Simulation of electrical system protection against the effects of a magnetic stormŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2011Theory of electrical engineering education upgrade: supercapacitorsMayer, Daniel; Polcar, Petr
2011Transport actuator with permanent magnetMayer, Daniel; Ulrych, Bohuš