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Pechmanová, Nikola
Procesní modelování vybraného procesu v podniku

This diploma thesis deals with modeling of selected processes in Aquion, s. r. o., on the basis of which simulation is subsequently performed, followed by the performed experiments together with their evaluation. This thesis is focused on processes which are the most important for&...

Kubíčková, Tereza
Návrh implementace vybraného investičního projektu

Diploma thesis is focused on the implementation proposal of specified project, which is the construction of a new office building BERGER BOHEMIA, joint-stock company. The aim of the thesis was to introduce the selected investment project, create the relevant project plans, assessment&#...

Trch, Jiří
Implementace ERP systému do konkrétního podniku

This diploma thesis is focused on implementation ERP system Helios Orange to faundry industry Hliník s.r.o. There is general describtion of EPR systems, its attributies and functions in diploma thesis. Next chapter is devoted to Helios Orange system and its modules. Implementation of&#x...

Mísařová, Markéta
Projekt implementace strategického programu organizace

This thesis is focused on Project of Implementation of Strategic Programme of Organization Moser a.s., which is producing handmade luxury glass. The theoretical part is with the practical part in the logical context. An introducory chapter includes a characteristic of the company, and&#...

Šeffl, Josef
Ekonomické časové řady

The diploma thesis is focused on analysis of selected time series "sales for accommodation" between 2000-2017 and "gross wage" between 2000-2017. The aim of this thesis is to apply selected methods to real data and compare results. The selected methods are from decom...

Flaška, Petr
Agilní projektový management

The thesis is focused on agile project management and analysis of project management in AIMTEC a.s. company. Outputs are stated in form of recommendation for improving project management. The company is focused on the implementation of enterprise information systems and digitization enterpri...

Krouza, Vítězslav
Analýza a následná optimalizace vybraných podnikových procesů

The thesis deals with optimization of selected processes in the company Alfmeier s.r.o. focusing on logistics. It is divided into two main parts. The first part deals with the optimization of pallet storing in a transport container. The second part deals with optimization of c...

Vokrouhlíková, Vendula
Porovnání chybovosti výrobních a nevýrobních procesů

The diploma thesis specializes in comparison of error rates of production and non-production processes in company Lear Corporation, which is engaged in the assembly of automobile seats for major European car manufacturers. The error analysis is focused on Porsche Panamera car seats.

Lajdová, Jana
Procesní mapa výrobního podniku

The topic of the thesis is Process map of production plant Safran Cabin CZ s.r.o. The target of theoretical part is definition of process organization, determination of business processes in general and theirs main classification. The output of thesis is characteristic of&#...

Jahn, Adam
Zavedení produktu na trh s důrazem na konkurenci

The submitted diploma thesis evaluates the introduction of a product into the market with an emphasis on competition. The project is realized through the company Openmatics, Ltd. The main objective of the project was to design a marketing blend for a telematicsdiagnostic product si...

Lejsková, Anna
Projektové řízení v poradenských organizacích

Master's Thesis deals with project management in consulting organizations. The goal of the thesis is to analyze project management in a consulting firm and propose possible measure to improve project development. The first part focus on the establishment and development of genaral a...

Maňourová, Markéta
GDPR - Vyhodnocení dopadů GDPR na podniky \nl{}v České republice

This thesis deals with the protection of personal data and the impact of GDPR on businesses and organization in the Czech Republic. The thesis begins with the introduction of the term GDPR and then it is devoted to defining terms that are related to this issue. The&#...

Macháček, Jaroslav
Procesní mapa, detailní procesy a softwarová podpora procesů ve výrobní organizaci

The presented work is focused on processes, their analysis and subsequent optimization using software support tools. The diploma thesis was processed in ABC pack, s.r.o. company and was focused on the production part of the company, where selected production processes and one pre-produc...

Větrovská, Michaela
Plánování a řízení projektu inovace

The thesis deals with the analysis of planning and management of innovation project and proposal of measures that would lead to the improvement of innovation projects and their process in the future

Bečvářová, Michaela
Specifika plánování a řízení veřejně prospěšných projektů

The diploma thesis is focused on specification of planning, managing and financing of public benefit projects. The aim of the thesis is to introduce similarities and differences of planning, implementation and management between commercial projects and public benefit projects. The diploma th...

Pekhartová, Barbora
Analýza a následná optimalizace vybraných podnikových procesů

The diploma thesis focuses on analyzing the production process of induction casing in Enix metal Ltd., with the aim to contribute to optimizing the process. The theoretical and practical parts are interconnected. The first part of the thesis gives information about the company alon...

Mičanová, Kristýna
Procesní modelování vybraného procesu v podniku

This diploma thesis is focused on analysis and simulation of the chosen process in Kdynium a. s. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part are characterized by basic concepts that are related to the issue. In the practical&#...

Holý, Tomáš
Stanovení hodnoty firmy na základě jejího strategického plánu rozvoje

The aim of the theses is to value the ZPA Industry, a.s. company. In the first section, a general description of the company has been given. In the second section, a strategic analysis has been provided, including the analysis of the external and internal environment and&...

Polachová, Simona
Plánování a řízení projektu inovace

The subject of this Master's thesis is evaluation of planning and management of the innovative project Attendance evidence realized by the ZAT a. s. company. This thesis has its theoretical and practical part. The first part defines the basic concepts of the innovation manageme...

Zlochová, Karolína
Hodnocení efektivnosti personální politiky podniku s důrazem na řízení projektů

This master thesis focuses on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the personnel policy of the Lear Corporation's technical centre with an emphasis on project management. This thesis represents the activities of the HR department of the technical centre aimed at supporting project...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 239