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Recent Submissions

Planinšek, Aljaž , Petrov, Nikola , Milinčič, Oliver , Štemberger, Klaudio , Šiška, Jožica Bezjak
Projectwork of model PUD-BJ: from idea to the product: wirelless

Every year, about 4 million pacemaker surgeries are performed around the world, 1 million of which has to do with pacemaker batteries. The main goal of our project is to create a way to recharge pacemaker batteries, which would greatly reduce the number of operations and&...

Brišnik, Benjamin , Goran, Tomáš , Jožica, Bezjak , Vasle, Andrej
Project work on the model work-based training PUD-BJ: from idea to product: early deployment technique using learning models that show how the tires fitted into a simple toys, learning tools primary and secondary schools

The purpose of our project is to present invention as a teaching aid in teaching techniques and technology to show the operation of the tire models, through experiential learning. Our work by model work-based training PUD-BJ – from concept to product is useful and dedicated&#x...

Tuček, Daniel
Trash to treasure: new life of a vintage computer

This work is dealing with an interesting topic which is partly historical, partly educational, although it is mostly about a renovating process of a vintage computer built and used in the 80s of the previous century. Obviously, refreshing these old computers have no commercial ...

Fiala, Jan , Vaňková, Petra
The development of algorithmic thinking among the pupils of lower secondary schools

The diploma thesis deals with the development of algorithmic thinking among the lower-secondary students as one of their digital competences. It is based on the principle of algorithmic thinking related to the concept of computational thinking and it searches for the ways how to&#x...

Burdová, Ingrid
Enabling the future:alternative view of project teaching with 3D printing support

This device is the result of participation in an international project “Enabling the future”, which connects people who have access to 3D printer and people who are in need of an upper limb prosthesis. Our goal is to raise awareness of this project in schools as the&...