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Recent Submissions

Svobodová, Barbora
Potomci ruských emigrantů v České Republice

This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the descendants of Russian emigrants in the Czech Republic. The thesis consists of four main chapters in which the topic is discussed in more detail. The first chapter introduces the history of Russian emigration, however, mostly fo...

Krumlová, Kristýna
Komentovaný překlad vybraných textů z knihy B. Schäfera: "Die Gesetze der Gewinner"

The objective of this thesis is the translation of a text from the field of gastronomy with a commentary and a glossary. The text is focused on German recipes. It is a translation from German language into Czech. The work is divided into two parts. The th...

Čechová, Kateřina
Česko-bavorská spolupráce v oblasti zdravotnictví

The aim of this bachelor thesis was to map the Bavarian-Czech cooperation in the field of healthcare. The first part of the work is devoted to cross-border healthcare in the European Union, Bavarian-Czech cross-border cooperation in the field of crisis management and its individual...

Zdvořáčková, Šárka
Christian Heinrich Spiess a Čechy

621/5000 The topic of this bachelor thesis is Christian Heinrich Spiess and Bohemia. In the first chapter, the author deals with the general history of Bohemia in the 18th century. In the second chapter she specializes in literary history in Bohemia. The third chap...

Fataliyeva, Javganat
Bohemismy v tlumočnické praxi v Centru na podporu integrace cizinců v Plzeňském kraji

Influence of Czech language on foreigner's visiting Center for Support of integration of Foreigners in Pilsen region with short introduction in work of the Centre, description of bohemisms used by clients of the Centre with linguistical analysis, defining bohemisms. Theory of translatolo...