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Recent Submissions

Hanzl, Jakub
Můj dům - můj hrad

The construction of the chapel of last refuge in the countryside near Žatec and way that led the author to it.

Sharavarau, Aliaksandr
Koordinovaný vizuální styl pro neziskovou organizace

The topic of my diplom work is "coordinated visual style for nonprofit organization". This theme represent uniform visual style for a young non-profit organization KINOPLAN from Minsk, Belarus. For this organization I made range of mediums of visual communication, which was based&#...

Yakubovskaya, Olga
Cyklus ilustrací ve formě knihy

The goal of my final work was creating of a book about my grandmother. The main events of her life are illustrated in painting on glass technique. The subjects of illustrations were created on the base of the text about grandmother's life. The text of the book&#x...

Skarolková, Eliška
Design exteriéru plachetnice pro handicapované osoby

Design of the exterior of sailing Boat specially adapted for handacaped people on wheelchairs.

Moravcová, Markéta
Šperk pro někoho + schránka

The bachelor work express ambiguous relation to the mushroom´s organism - full of the admiration for their vitality and fearful too. The motif - detail of the surface of the cap of the morel is assembled for create the new unit. The set of jewelry is composed&#...