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dc.contributor.authorKanálik, Martin
dc.contributor.authorKurajda, Marek
dc.contributor.editorMühlbacher, Jan
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the Intensive Programme 2006. 1st ed. Pilsen: University of West Bohemia. Faculty of electrical engineering. Department of electrical power engineering and environmental engineering, 2006, s. 65-69. ISBN 80-7043-456-2.en
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dc.publisherUniversity of West Bohemia. Faculty of electrical engineering. Department of electrical power engineering and environmental engineeringen
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dc.titleDistributed generation and power qualityen
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dc.description.abstract-translatedMany involved in power quality have also become involved in distributed generation (DG) because there is considerable overlap in the two technologies. As the name implies, DG uses smaller-sized generators than does the typical central station plant. They are distributed throughout the power system closer to the loads. The term smaller-sized can apply to a wide range of generator sizes. Because this paper is primarily concerned with power quality of the primary and secondary distribution system, the discussion of DG will be confined to generator sizes less than 10 MW. Generators larger than this are typically interconnected at transmission voltages where the system is designed to accommodate many generators.en
dc.subject.translateddistributed generationen
dc.subject.translatedpower systemen
dc.subject.translatedpower qualityen
dc.subject.translatedless size generatorsen
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Proceedings of the intensive programme 2006

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