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Neumanová, Barbora
Osvícenské reformy Marie Terezie

In my Bachelor Thesis "The Enlightened Reforms of Maria Theresa" I apply my mind to her enlightened reforms. I turn my attention, among other things, to the reforms of the army, the tax, the state administration and the judiciary, the subjective and Church reforms an...

Vodička, Marek
Maiestas Carolina - právněhistorický rozbor

In my bachelor thesis "Maiestas Carolina - historical juristic analysis" I apply my mind to the most famous work of Charles IV - a proposal of the code to Maiestas Carolina. Firstly, I briefly describe the historical context in the time of Charles, his childhood,...

Jareš, Radek
Proměna státní správy na základě reforem M. Terezie a Josefa II.

The topic of the thesis, changes in government from the central level to the municipal administration during the reign of Maria Theresa and Joseph II.

Regula, Jan
Správa přímých daní v 1. polovině 20.století v českých zemích

This bachelor thesis deals with a topic of direct taxation administration in the first half of the 20th century. It discusses the Tax Administration as an organization and the administration of taxes as a process. Firstly it summarizes an evolution of taxation. Then the...

Polák, Michal
Institut otroctví v římském právu

This thesis concerns with the slavery in ancient Rome. The attention is pointed toward concept of slavery and its evolution in each of the ancient Rome periods. Next, the thesis is focused on the legal status of the slaves, origins and demises of slave status. In the...

Homolka, Pavel
Srovnání ochrany smluvních stran v antickém Římě s ochranou poskytovanou smluvním stranám v současnosti v České republice

Work acquaints with the features of the Parties in Roman law from the general, such as good manners, through more specific as error and the fraud to direct demonstration examples of most frequently used contracts. This protection is continuously compared with the protection provide...

Lamka, Jan
Vývoj československého soudnictví v letech 1948 - 1960.

The thesis focuses on changes that took place in Czechoslovakia republic in February 1948 which were natural evolution since May 1945 and of course the changes could not affect juridical organisation and the court proceedings.

Šrubař, Zbyněk
Studie veřejné správy v letech 1918-1989 - komparativní pojetí

This thesis handles certain view to the history of public administration in Czechoslovakia, sice its inception in 1918 to breakthrough in 1989. Seeks to analyze the various periods in which the development of public administration in those years passed and subsequently they approximate&...

Soukupová, Simona
Evidence nemovitostí v Čechách a na Moravě (vývoj katastru nemovitostí).

The dissertation´s aim is to inform its readers with the development of inventories of immovable property, thus with land registry of the area of the Czech Republic throughout the history. The dissertation not only focuses on facts´ enumeration but also tries to think about th...

Skopový, Štěpán
Ústavní listiny první Československé republiky - komparativní studie

This thesis deals with the comparison constitutional charters in some selected questions of law, institutions and provisions during the First Czechoslovak Republic

Drtil, Marek
Vývoj policejní správy 1918-1938

The objective of the bachelor thesis is to approach the evolution of the police administration in Bohemia, in particular between years 1918 and 1938. I would like to target the development of police forces during those years and to refer to their competences. First of all...

Haník, Vladimír
Iracionální důkazní prostředky-Ordál soubojem

This study mainly deals with ordals as iracional proofs. It is focused on judicial combat and it describes history, begining and end of them especially in Europe. Next it deals with term of duell whitch is described very in depthfully.

Adámek, Jakub Manfred
Vývoj policejní správy 1848-1938

The theme of my work in many respects recognized purely descriptive in nature, therefore it is quite difficult to come up with some major "discovery". The aim of this work was to at least partially coherent picture of the development of security forces in our co...

Volf, Michal
Reforma veřejné správy v ČSR v letech 1945 - 1949

Local and reform of 1949 was one of a series of modifications of administrative division of Czechoslovakia in the 20th century . In 1945, none of the major political parties doubted its necessity . Large differences in the attitudes of the parties , however, are in t...

Fučíková, Kateřina
Ústavněprávní vývoj v Československu v letech 1960-1989

Constitutional developments in Czechoslovakia in the years 1960 - 1989 was affected by international political situation, by the February events of 1948, when the Communist Party came to power and began the transformation of the social and political system according to the model of...

Cásková, Barbora
Zrušení nevolnictví Josefem II. v r. 1781

The 1st of November 1781 saw the liberation of all Czech people from labour exploitation. People from the countryside had suffered a great deal. Under the thumb of enligtenment thinkers Maria Theresia and mainly her successor Joseph II. began to edit the relationship between s...

Hůlovcová, Tereza
Občanská práva a svobody podle ústavy z roku 1920

The main purpose of this paper is to capture the area of civil rights and liberties in the period of the first Czechoslovac Republic. Further more I try to compare these rights and liberties from the point of view of constitutional development of our state from its&#...

Vlčková, Barbora
Komparace organizace soudnictví za první ČSR a organizace soudnictví v dnešní době

The aim of my thesis is based on the comparison of the organization of the judiciary for the 1st Czechoslovakia and organizations today, to some extent, to compare differences in both periods. In particular, I focused on a comparison of constitutional justice. In the introduct...

Nechutný, Vladimír
Organizace soudnictví v habsburské monarchii v letech 1848 - 1918

The theme of this work is the organization of the judiciary in the Habsburg Monarchy in the years 1848 - 1918. Here aren´t only different types of courts, which at this time were established, as well as legal persons, such as the administration of justice - that ...

Mašek, Martin
Dějiny policie a četnictva mezi lety 1918-1938 se zaměřením na regiony Lounsko a Mostecko

The work is focused on development of gendarmery and police in Czechoslovakia between 1918 and 1938. It is divided into two parts. The theoretical part describes the period between world wars and is based on information form book sources. The researching part analyses information&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32