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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Spatially blind or place based policy?: a comparison of innovation support in the Czech and Slovak republicŠipikal, Miroslav; Szitásiová, Valéria; Pisár, Peter; Uramová, Mária
2017Pricing of the tourism product: a tool for entrepreneurs to adapt to a flexible marketBuiga, Anuţa; Stegerean, Roxana; Chiş, Alexandru; Lazăr, Dorina
2017Influence of business performance measurement system and corporate sustainability concept to overal business performance: “save the planet and keep your performance”Rajnoha, Rastislav; Lesníková, Petra; Krajčík, Vladimír
2017Access to finance: innovative firms´ perceptions in post-transition EU membersBotrić, Valerija; Božić, Ljiljana
2017The specificity of knowledge management in the food industry in PolandFirlej, Krzysztof; Żmija, Dariusz
2017Loyalty programs and personal data sharing preferences in the Czech republicTahal, Radek; Formánek, Tomáš; Mohelská, Hana
2017A restaurant quality model based on marketing factorsKukanja, Marko; Omerzel, Doris Gomezelj; Bukovec, Boris
2017Determining factors of the benefits derived from the implementation of EN 9100 standardsCastillo-Peces, Carlos del; Mercado-Idoeta, Carmelo; Prado-Román, Camilo
2017The effects of european economic integration and the impact of Brexit on the UK immigrants from the CEE countriesSimionescu, Mihaela; Bilan, Yuriy; Smrčka, Luboš; Vincúrová, Zuzana
2017Multi-criteria group decision-making using an extended EDAS method with interval type-2 fuzzy setsGhorabaee, Mehdi Keshavarz; Amiri, Maghsoud; Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras; Turskis, Zenonas