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Kosť, Tom
Konstrukční řešení dvousloupého kovacího lisu s ohledem na zvýšení boční tuhosti

This thesis is focused on the increase of side stiffness of the two-column forging press type CKV 45/50 MN produced by firm TS Pilsen, joint stock company. The thesis contains background research aimed at the defined subject, analytical calculation of the press frame, analysis...

Rajal, Pavel
Návrh kontrolního přípravku pro měření dílu do leteckých motorů na 3D měřícím stroji

Diploma thesis is focused on the construction of the fixture for measuring part on the 3D measuring machine. The thesis includes a search on the topic of fixtures, description of the material Rene 65, from which the measured part is produced. Further chapter contains&#x...

Ježek, Adam
Analýza konstrukce stojanu kovacího lisu s ohledem na šířku pracovního prostoru

Diploma thesis deals with crank presses and the issue of influencing the width of their working space by deformation of the stand. The problem of pinching the ram in the LKMK press is described and possible ways of solving the problem are suggested. Furthermore, there are...

Hamrle, Pavel
Konstrukční návrh "low cost" multifunkčního CNC výrobního stroje.

The diploma thesis is focused on the mechanical design of technical CNC production machine. The thesis is made with regard to proper functionality, technical and assembly simplicity. The result is an evaluation of the design capability of the modular system so it can&#...

Petrovitz, Jan
Elektricky poháněný manipulační vozík vybavený zdvižnou plošinou

This diploma thesis is focusing on the design of industrial handling truck with cargo space in the form of a lifting platform. In the first part of the thesis are collected general information about material handling, there is also a market research and search of common&#...

Dekastello, Jiří
Porovnání vlastností litých a svařovaných stojanů kalandrů

This master thesis is aimed on stands of forming machines, specifi-cally rubber industry calanders. It compares properties of cast and welded stand and its aim is to tell whether or not it is possible to re-place one with the other while keeping the requested properties. ...

Vrba, Stanislav
Konstrukční návrh kompozitového hydraulického jeřábu s integrovaným řešením spojů

The diploma thesis is focused on design study of loader crane, for which carbon composite was selected as material by the thesis assigner. The thesis contains conceptual design developed into production documentation. The design work was supported by analytical calculations as well as&#...

Strnad, Stanislav
Návrh hlavního pohonu soustružnického vřeteníku

This diploma thesis contains the design of the main drive of the lathe S-MT from ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL. In the introduction of this work is determined the load spectrum first. By using the KISSsys is created a check calculation of the standardized gearbox of the main dr...

Vanda, Marcel
Konstrukční návrh a integrace dvojité děrovací stanice pro bezpečnostní otvor hlavových opěrek sedaček automobilů.

In this diploma thesis will be analyzed current conditions, requirements for new solutions, concept of new workplace, construction design of punching station, 3D model of machine in Solid Edge ST8.

Stanek, Jan
Využití pokročilých CAD/CAM simulací pro návrh speciálního horizontkového pracoviště.

Design of a special workplace for machining rotor workpieces with suita-ble machine accessories. Examining the accuracy of a workpiece design using virtual simulations and a complete design of the rotary headstock for positioning the rotor workpiece to reduce secondary production times.

Koželuh, Vojtěch
Konstrukční návrh recyklační jednotky určené pro obsluhování vozíčkářem

This thesis deals with the recycling of shotgun cartridges. The main point of the thesis is the design of a device for recycling used cartridges, which is primarily designed to control by person in wheelchair. The design process was drawing up according to Enginee...

Myslikovjan, Martin
Navržení optimální designové definice výměníku automobilu, vnitřního kondenzátoru pro R744 chladivo

This thesis contains an introduction to the problems heat exchangers of car air conditioning. The main purpose of this work is design of Inner gas cooler - Heat exchanger for R744 refrigerant.

Vočadlo, Marek
Optimalizace pohonné jednotky pro vůz Formula Student

This diploma thesis contains analysis of the powertrain unit of the racing student team from the University of West Bohemia. The individual parts are described and the 1D model is then created. This model is followed by optimization of the powertrain unit. With the optim...

Vít, Ladislav
Návrh manipulátoru pro zavážení zátek horizontálních prostupů (EPP) vakuové nádoby reaktoru ITER

The diploma thesis contains a description of the ITER reactor, an equatorial and upper port plug. After that one of the possible variants is selected and further processed. FEM calculations are made mostly for the pressure on the floor.

Frühauf, Ondřej
Návrh vybraných komponent/podsestav podvozku pro vůz Formula Student

The diploma thesis contains basic information about formula student competition,basic requirements from the rules of the formula student competition and general requirements. The aim of the thesis was to design solution of selected components on the chassis of student formula with respect&#x...

Hřídel, Karel
Odlučovač chladicí kapaliny

The goal of this thesis is to design a construction of cooling fluid separator. Coolant fluid is contained in the residual aluminums chips. To find optimal variant is used comparative method. The comparative parameters have been determined after consultation with the projec...

Šlajs, Jakub
Návrh stavebnicového zásobníku a chapače pro robotickou výměnu

This thesis includes the engineering design and calculation of the modular stack for tool holder DIN 69871 SK50 and holder for robotic tool change. The thesis include drawings and technical documents. The holder is designed for KUKA robot. The modular stack is used like equipm...

Petrou, Jiří
Konstrukční úprava frézovacího zařízení IFVW 103

This diploma thesis contains an overview of milling heads and the way of lubrication bearings and gears. Construction adjustments of milling head IFVW 103. Calculation bearings a the stiffens of the device. The detailed design proposal.

Míčka, Tomáš
Pneumatické vypružení tramvajového podvozku

The diploma thesis contains a design of air-suspended tram bogie. The task was to modify the existing bogie 26T with traditional coil springs. Modifications were checked using FEM calculations. The result of the work is a modified bogie 26T, including a design for ...

Matuška, Michael
Separátor plastových dílů

This diploma thesis is research on separating machines. It concerns itself with the design of separator for plastic components. This thesis contains basic and control calculations.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 218