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Pražák, Luděk
Přestavba manipulátorů na víceúčelové zařízení pro prototypovou výrobu dílů

The content of this work is the design and subsequent realization of the manipulator reconstruction on the multipurpose device for the prototype production of parts.

Řihout, Jakub
Inovace konstrukce zdvihacího mechanismu nůžkového stolu

This master's thesis is focused on the innovation of the lifting mechanism of the scissor table belonging to the ENGEL company. The thesis contains research on the assigned topic, an analysis of contemporary equipment and a proposal for its innovation. This thesis is supported&...

Dvořák, Jiří
Výběr konstrukčních materiálů

This diploma thesis deals with engineering materials selection according specified requirements. Alternativ materials were searched with help of CES Edupack database. New materials were aplied to outdoor air conditioner. Verification of results was with help of sw Ansys workbench 19.0.

Šedivý, Martin
Koncept logistiky v rámci prototypové výroby

This diploma thesis deals with a new design of handling device. This handling device is mainly used for transportation with a car bodies and also for the production of a new ones. The thesis contains descriptions and the functions of each part. The main task is to&#x...

Barna, Dmytro
Návrh mechanického pohonu tramvajového vozidla s čelní převodovkou

The diploma thesis includes a proposal of a two-stage front gearbox for a partially low-rise tram. Gear calculation was done with Autodesk Inventor 2016. The gearbox has got all the necessary components for proper operation. The gearbox it self is placed in a powerplant that&#...

Chára, Petr
Koncept 6-rychlostní automatické převodovky se třemi planetovými převody

Subject of the diploma thesis is execution of the conception solution design of the 6speed of automatic transmission with 3 planetary gears. The thesis aim is planetary gears and transmission´s bearings design. For the processing of calculation, 3D models, and technical documentation&#...

Boř, David
Koncept konstrukce samonosné podlahy pro nízkopodlažní vozidla

This thesis is focused on processing of construction of self-supporting floor in low-floor tram. The aim of the thesis is to design an optimal construction in terms of the functional and operational requirements. A number of patents have been considered. The main benefit is to...

Lešek, Libor
Kompletační stroj pro AirCleaner Scania

Thesis discusses the structural design of the picking machines for the AirCleaner Scania. The work is focused on the design of several design options, their evaluation, selecting the most suitable options and the actual construction of machines with materials for its production.

Florian, Radek
Návrh testovacího zařízení pro Pendulum test

This diploma thesis deals with a design of testing device for performing of Pendulum test. This diploma sets out seat testing, variants of conceptual designs involving basic calculations. Finally, a selected variant was developed including technical and economical evaluation.

Mištera, Josef
Přípravek pro pokročilé testování plechů - Bauschingerův efekt

This thesis is focused on the possibilities of modeling plasticity in FEM software environment. Attention is given to the characteristics of deformation hardening during cyclic loading, in particular Bauschinger effect. Theoretical knowledge is then used in a parametric study of testing equi...

Dvořák, Vladimír
Návrh plastové nástavby pro požární automobil Avia DVS

This diploma thesis deals with fire truck bodies. It contains basic sorting and research in the field of fire trucks. It also looks into methods of attaching and manufacturing the plastic bodies. In the practical part a procedure certification of a vehicle with a new body...

Kasal, Jakub
Návrh lžíce s hydraulickým přidržovačem

The diplom thesis contains construction design of three hydraulic hay grapple bucket types. Each of them is designed for different type of work. The bucket was adjusted according to the static, kinematic and strenght requirements. It has to fulfil the working function and withstand...

Matoušek, Jan
Návrh kotvení stojanu mechanického lisu

The diploma thesis is focused on the design of anchoring of the mechanical press. The thesis includes the background research in the area of anchoring mechanical presses and design of appropriate variants. Subsequently, the variants are evaluated and selected variant is&#x...

Habrman, Martin
Úprava hydraulického lisu na jednoúčelové zkušební zařízení pro hluboké tažení plechu

This diploma thesis contains a brief description of sheet metal drawing, a specification of individual parameters and types of de-fects. Next parts describe the types of tests of sheets from basic to difficult. Here are presented forming limit diagrams, deformed net-works, and methods&#...

Rudinskyi, Mykhailo
Ověření vlivů úspor energie na výslednou spotřebu paliva v jízdních cyklech

This diploma thesis includes study of problematics cooling circuit controls to increase the speed of heating of the engine, construction of the simulation scheme, simulation of riding through different driving cycles according to regulations, the assessment of the modifications of the coolin...

Havlík, Marek
Konstrukce testovací stolice pro náklonovou analýzu olejové náplně motoru

The goal of the thesis is to design a testing rig for tilting analysis of the oil filling of the car engine. It contains the comparison of tilting mechanisms for tested assembly, design of the main structure of the rig with FEM analysis and choice of...

Skřivánek, Petr
Zdvihací zařízení

This diploma thesis deals with a design of an elevator for the transport of KLT boxes with parts between two double-deck ENGEL belt conveyors. A knowledge integrated design strategy was used for the design of a technical system. The resulting design was created with regards&#x...

Štýbr, Dennis
Návrh inovace automobilového zadního sedačkového zámku

Diploma thesis contains a design proposal of a back seat lock with antirattling function. Design includes functional analysis, tolerance analysis and strength calculations of whole assembly.

Cachová, Kateřina
Konstrukční návrh multifunkčního invalidního vozíku

The diploma thesis is focused on the issue of the wheelchairs. This diploma thesis presents a search of a history and current state of wheelchairs. The design of the universal wheelchair, which can be used throughout the day is described in the main chapter ofthis t...

Károly, David
Optimalizace zdvihacího mechanismu nůžkového stolu

Diploma thesis contains information about technical design and optimalization of lifting mechanism for scissor table. This work presents professional relationships needed to design of scissor table. Then there are made three optimalization variants. From these variants is selected the most approp...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 218