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Khandouch, Younes , Aassif, El Houcein , Agounad, Said , Maze, Gérard
Development of an artificial neural network model for estimating the radius ratio of a one-layered cylindrical shell

The results obtained from previous studies on the acoustic scattering of a plane wave by an elastic cylindrical shell, show that the acoustic resonances of the shell are related to its physical and geometrical properties. In order to estimate the radius ratio of an ...

Hejduková, Pavlína , Pokorný, Jan
Veřejný sektor pro ekonomické a regionální geografy

Hejduková, Pavlína , Kureková, Lucie , Hejduk, Tomáš , Marval, Štěpán , Roub, Radek
Dostupnost pitné vody jako rozvojový faktor malých obcí z pohledu obyvatel a starostů

Semerád, Pavel , Otavová, Milena , Semerádová, Lucie , Hrdličková, Andrea , Matzka, Bettina
Do robots pose a threat to public revenues?

The paper is focused on the area of introducing new technologies and the consequent impact on a more efficient functioning of a company, with an emphasis on reducing labour costs. A case study has been created for a company that replaced its employees with technolo...

Ostrihoň, Filip
Evaluating banking crisis predictions in EU and V4 countries

Relying on a recently published database of financial crises, this paper assesses an early warning model for predicting banking sector distress. The exercise employs discrete choice models and a signaling approach to evaluate the performance of an existing model based on credit-to-GDP c...