Termomechanika technologických procesů / Thermomechanics of Technological Processes (CT3)


Recent Submissions

Veselý, Zdeněk , Honner, Milan
Infrared camera comparative measurement methods for thermally optical properties of materials

Infrared camera comparative measurement methods of thermally optical properties of materials are based on the measurement of infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the material that is heated to a higher temperature. These methods compare the response of the analyzed material wi...

Schmailzl, Anton , Käsbauer, Johannes , Martan, Jiří , Honnerová, Petra , Schäfer, Felix , Fichtl, Maximilan , Lehrer, Tobias , Tesař, Jiří , Honner, Milan , Hierl, Stefan
Measurement of core temperature through semi-transparent polyamide 6 using scanner-integrated pyrometer in laser welding

Predicting the core temperature during welding is an ambitious aim in many research works. In this work, a 3D-scanner with integrated pyrometer is characterized and used to measure the temperature during quasi-simultaneous laser transmission welding of polyamide 6. However, due to welding&#x...

Martan, Jiří , Moskal, Denys , Smeták, Ladislav , Honner, Milan
Performance and Accuracy of the Shifted Laser Surface Texturing Method

Shifted laser surface texturing method (sLST) was developed for increasing of production speed of functional surface textures to enable their industrial applicability. In this work, the shifted method is compared with classic methods on real texturing example with focus on achieving highest&...

Muzika, Lukáš , Švantner, Michal , Moskal, Denys
Experimental investigation of time-power transformation method for flash-pulse thermographic testing

The paper deals with flash-pulse thermography, which is one of the most used thermographic inspection methods. The method is based on flash excitation of an inspected object and an analysis of its thermal response recorded by an infrared camera. This paper deals with a time-po...

Švantner, Michal , Muzika, Lukáš , Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka
Quantitative inspection of coating thickness by flash-pulse thermography and time-power transformation evaluation

sample. Its application to coatings can indicate a presence of local thickness variations; however, it mostly does not bring any quantitative information about the thickness of the coatings. This contribution is focused on a quantification of the thermographic inspection, which would make&#x...