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Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Zich, Jan
LHC Clock Conditioning Circuit for AFP Trigger Module

The timing and synchronisation of the detectors in particle physics play the key role due to the high event rates at particle accelerators. The trigger module in ATLAS Forward Physics project ...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Models for Oxygen Consumption and Cardiac Output as Response to Treadmill Exercise

This paper examines procedure for static and dynamic modeling of oxygen consumption (VO2) and cardiac output (CO) as response to cardiopulmonary exercise on a treadmill ergometer. It should be noted that ...

Štork, Milan , Houzar, Josef
Non Contact Methods of Heart Rate Variability Measuring and Analysis

It is well known that the heart rate variability (HRV) reflects the activity of the autonomic nervous system. HRV is calculated from heart rate (HR). HR is a nonstationary signal; its frequency variation &#...

Pavlíček, Vladimír , Fořt, Jiří , Pittermann, Martin , Skála, Bohumil
Comparing the Low-Cost Measuring Devices for Standstill Frequency Response (SSFR) Testing for Electric Machines

This paper compares the different versions of hardware realization of low-cost device for standstill frequency response SSFR testing. The SSFR testing is a modern method used for testing and parameter&#...

Jílek, Jiří , Štork, Milan
Acquisition of Cuff-Pulse Waveforms for Estimation of Central Blood Pressure and Additional Hemodynamic Variables

Central blood pressure (cBP) is an important indicator of the load on the heart. Because cBP is difficult to measure directly, indirect methods have been developed. We investigated suitability of blood pressure cuff pulse&#x...

Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Vavroch, Ondřej , Zich, Jan , Nožka, Libor
Diagnostic Device for Photomultiplier Tubes at ARP ToF Detector

Long-term usage of photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) led to the discovery of aging effects especially in harsh environment as a radiation is. Aging decreases the efficiency of the PMTs. This means PMTs need to the recalibration after some time. Because CERN′s Large Hadron Collider (LHC)...

Kaska, Jan , Orosz, Tamás , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo , Pechánek, Roman , Pánek, David
Optimization of reluctance motor with printed rotor

A novel way of optimizing a reluctance motor with rotor manufactured by 3D printing technology is presented. The optimization algorithms must take into account the tolerances of its production that are generally higher compared with classical processing, which requires a high level of&#...

Zich, Jan , Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Holík, Michael , Pavlíček, Vladimír , Vavroch, Ondřej
Multichannel coincidence circiut with settable threshold level for ToF AFP detector

Kubík, Zdeněk , Skála, Jiří
Electromagnetic interference from DC/DC converter of photovoltaic system

Holota, Radek , Koucký, Václav , Krist, Petr , Valenta, Pavel , Mašek, Bohuslav
Electronic system for controlled modification of temperature field in sheet metal blanks

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav , Brož, Pavel
Cardiac mathematical models for exercise testing on treadmill ergometer

Veřtát, Ivo , Dudáček, Luděk
Multidimensional cross parity check codes as a promising solution to CubeSat low data rate downlinks

Štork, Milan , Pinker, Jiří , Weissar, Petr
Adaptive control system for autonomous vehicle path following

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
Modified tellegen principle used for power and energy systems modeling

Jílek, Jiří , Štork, Milan
Assessment of three multiple cuff blood pressure devices

Štork, Milan
Chaotic system based on mutually connected digital oscillators

In this paper the experiments with two mutually coupled digital oscillators are described. The digital oscillators with quadrature outputs are used for experiment. On the beginning the amplitude stabilization and way of synchronization of digital oscillator are described. Then the behavior o...

Štork, Milan
Digital and analog systems for pulse width modulation with variable frequency

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is widely used for control in power electronics. The most of power electronic circuits are controlled by PWM signals of various forms. PWM transform the information in the amplitude of a bounded input signal into the pulse width output signal. The ...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav , Brož, Pavel
Cardiac output estimation for marathon runners and its mathematical model

Cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) are important hemodynamic parameters for evaluation of cardiovascular performance of the subject. Especially noninvasive estimation of CO during sub maximal and maximal work is valuable. In this paper, one method suitable for athlete CO estimation&#...

Štork, Milan
Direct digital synthesis with fractional tuning

This paper presents a new approach to the design of direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) with possibility of fractional frequency tuning. Such DDS has advantage if small number of bits for phase accumulator is used. A new DDS frequency synthesizer was designed to enable ...

Štork, Milan
Experiments with coupled phase locked loops

In this paper the experiments with two or more mutually coupled phase locked loops (PLL) are described. The different types of coupled PLLs are simulated and results are confirmed by measuring in real systems. The experiments include analog and digital PLLs and simulation. In ...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 40