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Baťko, Jan , Rohlíková, Lucie
Počínání žáků při práci s robotickou stavebnicí: východiska tvorby výzkumného nástroje

In this article, the bases, process of creating and the final look of testing tasks set were described. The set was used as a testing tool during the research focused on pupils´ behaving during solving the tasks in educational robotics. The set of tasks was created t...

Benediktová, Lenka
Aplikace Learning apps a její využití napříč učivem základní školy

Efficient integration of digital technologies into the teaching/learning process requires the use of appropriate software. This presentation will introduce the widely used Learning Apps tool. This application belongs in the group of so-called 'Blank Apps'. This free software allows teache...

Jakeš, Tomáš , Baťko, Jan , Frank, Filip
LEGO robotics textbook: solutions for creating constructions and manuals

This article deals with LEGO robotics textbook developed at the Department of Computer Science and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The textbook is focused on the support of developing computational thinking of pupils in the upper prima...

Baťko, Jan , Rohlíková, Lucie , Frank, Filip
Robotic kit LEGO as a means of getting acquainted with educational robotics

This article introduces a part of the research in the field of educational robotics implemented in the Czech Republic. The aim of the research was to explore how elementary school pupils solve some simple tasks. Within the research a set of fifteen simple tasks designed f...

Frank, Jan
Pozitivita polynomů včetně školských souvislostí

Decomposition of a polynomial as a Sum of squares of polynomials (SOS) is one of the classical method how to prove that certain polynomial f is a positive semidefinite polynomial. This is a way of proof that is closely related to the 17th Hilbert problem. David Hilbe...