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Recent Submissions

Bílková, Jitka
Osvobození, vznik Československa, T. G. Masaryk a některé jeho myšlenky a ideály v tvorbě Franka Weniga

Frank Wenig was an important Pilsen regional personality, a writer, journalist and scenarist. His earliest literary activities started shortly after the establishment of Czechoslovakia. His literary works and journalistic career were influenced by Professor and later President Masaryk, whose opinions&...

Černá, Jana
Escribir las cartas, contar las historias naturales. Naturaleza novohispana en la correspondencia de los jesuitas de la Provincia de Bohemia (siglos XVII-XVIII)

Wagnerová, Lada
A conscious and proper matriculation oath as the first step to avoid plagiarism

The matriculation oath is and should be the first and clearly conscious step towards belonging to the academic society and expressing the principles of the hidden curriculum of higher education, because it can be realized through rituals and small ceremonies. Unlike morality and la...

Marvan, Tomáš , Polák, Michal
Generality and content-specificity in the study of the neural correlates of perceptual consciousness

The present paper was written as a contribution to ongoing methodological debates within the NCC project. We focus on the neural correlates of conscious perceptual episodes. Our claim is that the NCC notion, as applied to conscious perceptual episodes, needs to be reconceptualized. ...

Ševčík, Miloš
Afinita laskavosti a humoru v úvahách Louise Cazamiana

This article focuses on Louis François Cazamian’s considerations upon the relation between kindness and humour. At the outset, it is shown that in general, Cazamian’s concept of humour is inspired by Henri Bergson’s concept of what is perceived to be comic, as an automatism in...