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Sobotková, Veronika
Boundaries of Life and Death from the Viewpoint of Shi’i Islamic Jurisprudence and the Consequences in the Field of Islamic Bioethics

The article provides an overview of the various opinions, theories and debate concerning the boundaries of human life (the beginning and end of human life) in Shi‘i Islam and the important consequences in terms of the use of different medical technologies. It considers this is...

Baumanová, Monika
Sensory Synaesthesia: Combined Analyses Based on Space Syntax in African Urban Contexts

The organization of past urban space continues to be an important focus of archaeological research in sub-Saharan Africa where the methods of space syntax now offer new interpretations of the built environment. Traditionally, space syntax uses access analysis graphs for buildings and ax...

Šiška, Jan , Yirgashewa, Abdi , Beadle-Brown, Julie , Záhořík, Jan
Role of resource centres in facilitating inclusive education: experience from Ethiopia

Baumanová, Monika , Šmejda, Ladislav
Space as material culture: residential stone buildings on the precolonial Swahili coast in a comparative perspective

This paper develops the notion that the structure of residential spaces has long been in a dialogue with social environments. It elaborates theoretical and methodological streams in the social sciences that focus on the interplay between society and the built environment. Space, rather&...

Charvát, Petr
Sumerians and their Soups

A study of inscriptions on some seal impressions of archaic Ur (c. 2900-2700 BC), pertaining to food preparation.

Záhořík, Jan
Inherited Inequalities and Uneasy Transformation: Socioeconomic and Ethno-political Pitfalls of an Ongoing Crisis in Ethiopia

The article deals with socioeconomic and ethno-political challenges that current Ethiopia is facing. It takes these aspects into a historical perspective.

Šašková, Kateřina
“Place in my hands the inexhaustible craft of medicine!”: Physicians and healing at the royal court of Esarhaddon

The medicine of ancient Mesopotamia has long been the topic of investigation, but the texts explored within this field are mainly “handbooks” for persons practising medicine. This medical literature, however, comprises theoretical information rather than data on actual medical practices. Therefor...

Tarant, Zbyněk
Řekni, kde ty lágry jsou. . . ? Případové studie nerealizovaných pracovně-výchovných táborů pro ženy v období nacistické okupace†

Using previously unpublished documents, this article presents two case studies of the so-called Labour Education Camps for Women (“Arbeitserziehungslager für Frauen”, or FAEL) in the period of the WWII Nazi occupation. These two camps, namely FAEL Biechowitz and FAEL Theresiendorf bei Tschei...

Kostková, Pavla , Kramáreková, Veronika , Jiráčková, Klára
Sociální integrace Arabů v současných Teplicích

The main aim of this study is to detect the degree of success of the Arab com- munity’s integration in the City of Teplice. In this paper, we focus on four key areas that are main priorities for the Czech government: the use of t...

Franc, Martin , Křížek, Daniel , Rak, Michal , Ventrubová, Eliška , Mücke, Pavel
Výber literatury ke kulturním dějinám za léta 2013–2015

Záhořík, Jan
David W. PHILLIPSON, Foundations of an African Civilisation. Aksum and the Northern Horn, 1000 BC – AD 1300, Woodbridge: James Currey, 2012, ISBN 978-1-84701-088-9, 294 p.

Záhořík, Jan
Zaccaria, Massimo. Anch’io per la tua bandiera. Il V battaglione ascari in missione sul fronte libico (1912). Ravenna: Giorgio Pozzi Editore, 2012. ISBN: 978-88-96117-26-2. 264 pp.

Záhořík, Jan
Colonial Perspective and Nationalism(s) in Ethiopia in the Context of African Decolonization

Pecha, Lukáš
Komunikace o historických událostech ve starověké Mezopotámii

Ostrolucký, Ján
Autoritou od stredoveku až podnes: Myšlienkový vplyv Ibn Tajmíju na radikálny politický islam neskoršieho 20. storočia

Kramáreková, Veronika
Posledný tanec prezidenta Sáliha

Záhořík, Jan
Iyasu V of Ethiopia (1913–1916): perilous traitor or a true modernizer?

Kramáreková, Veronika
Arabský jazyk a kultúra

Tarant, Zbyněk
Rozhovor s Janem Záhoříkem

Ramadan, Ivan
Internalismus a externalismus v historiografii arabsko-islámské vědy se zaměřením na medicínu

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56