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Marvalová, B. , Hruš, T. , Hrouda, A.
FEM simulation of elasto-plastic tube indentation

Paper provides the summary of the FEM simulation of elasto-plastic strains and stresses in the course of the local indentation of a steel pipe by a spherical indenter. The FEM calculation was performed according to the recommendation of API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 2007 for...

Marcián, P. , Thomková, B. , Florian, Z. , Borák, L.
Biomechanical study of bone-dental implant interactions using patient-specific approach and multiscale computational modeling

Dental implants are modern solutions for the cases of lost tooth replacements. Although the application of dental implants is relatively efficient solution, complications and failure of dental implant might occur [3]. This contribution is focused on the mechanical interaction of dental impla...

Machalová, J. , Radová, J.
Solution of bending and contact problems for Gao beam using control variational method

The numerical realization of the optimal control problem consists of evaluation of the state problem and simultaneous minimization of the functional. State problem will be solved by using finite element method and will not make any problems. For minimization process it will be used...

Lyu, W. , Bońkowski, T. , Hynčík, L.
Development of a simple helmet finite element model

The developed helmet is tested for 8 impact configurations (4 impact directions for both anvils). The ECE R22.05 regulation [9] defines, that the maximum acceleration must not exceed 275 g and the maximum HIC must not exceed 2400 for each impact and the helmet fulfils the...

Lobovský, L. , Hartlová, J. , Salášek, M. , Krejčová, M. , Tupý, R. , Pavelka, T. , Křen, J.
Biomechanics of pelvic ring fixation techniques

The study focuses on development of computational tools for prediction and analysis of osteosynthesis of pelvic ring injuries. Fractures of pelvic bones may occur after high-energy impact events such as car accidents or sports injuries. For surgical treatment of unstable fractures either...

Lisický, O. , Polzer, S. , Burša, J.
Influence of vertebrae and intervertebral disc on stresses in abdominal aortic aneurysms

Computational modelling of stress-strain states in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAAs) has become an important tool in assessment of their rupture risk in the last decades. As its application potential in clinical practice is increasing with every additional influencing factor considered in th...

Kulíšek, V. , Smolík, J. , Růžička, M. , Kolář, P.
Influence of material stiffness and damping on dynamic behaviour of production machines

The case study results in Fig. 1 showed that the application of composite materials to the transverse beam increased the dynamic compliance of assembly by 21 % with a slight frequency increase. Therefore, the design change would reduce the machine productivity. On the other ha...

Kruisová, A. , Kolman, R. , Trnka, J. , Buchar, J. , Mochar, D. , Kober, J. , Vtípil, J.
Effective elastic properties of 3D printed auxetic metamaterials

Mechanical metamaterials are artificially produced structures that derive their properties from their periodically repeated structure rather than from mechanical properties of their base material. Often, these structures are manufactured by 3D printing. Nowadays the additive manufacturing technology can be...

Kruis, J. , Němeček, J.
Numerical simulation of chloride transport in concrete

Penetration of chlorides into concrete causes various types of degradation and it affects durability of concrete. Extraction of chlorides from concrete can be significantly accelerated with the help of electric field. Such extraction is nondestructive and it is relatively very fast.

Krivošej, J. , Šika, Z. , Kraus, K.
Design of structure and control of planar robots with rigid and cable components

This paper deals with designing and controlling a robot with rigid and cable elements. This work is the first step which leads to the idea of the 3D serial robot structure driven by cables and joints actuators. A planar robot structure is chosen, see Fig. 1. The ...

Krejčová, M. , Holeček, M.
Myosin, numerical position determination and mechanical properties

Myosin is a superfamily of molecular motor [3]. Especially, myosin II is able to generate force for a muscle contraction by sliding on an actin filament. To extract energy, the myosin motor has to hydrolyze adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP). The energy...

Kraus, K. , Šika, Z. , Beneš, P. , Vyhlídal, T. , Valášek, M.
Active multidimensional vibration absorbers for light structures

There has been high effort to increase production efficiency of production machines and robots last decades, including the usage of new types of kinematics, special control algorithms for non-traditional usage of machines, etc. The accurate motion control of the end-effector can be achi...

Kolman, R. , Cho, S. S. , Park, K. C. , Gonzáles, A. , Berezovski, A. , Hora, P. , Adámek, V.
Wave propagation in graded bars

Nowadays, additive technology is modern and high technology for manufacturing of complex bodies with advanced properties and various and complicated shapes, where conventional technologies are not possible to use. Applications of 3D printing technologies of metals can be found in mechanical, ...

Klesa, J. , Hejna, J. , LeNours, V. , Čenský, T.
Influence of the cooling bypass on the aircraft nozzle outflow

UL-39 ultralight aircraft has been developed at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague [3]. This aircraft is powered by unique propulsion system, which consists of a fan driven by piston engine. Various concepts of the cooling system with various&#...

Kepka, M. Jr. , Kepka, M.
Probabilistic approach to prediction of fatigue life

In recent years, Kliman presented a calculation of the fatigue life distribution function (FLDF). Under laboratory conditions, he considered the scatter of material properties of smooth material samples as well as the various random load processes. We focused on the scatter of fatigue&#...

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
A comparative analysis of treatment of a supracondylar periprosthetic femoral fracture under axial load and torque

A total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is in rare cases followed by an extra-articular fracture of distal femur. One type of fracture is a simple extra-articular fracture (A1 according to Schewring and Meggitt). It can be stabilized only by surgical treatment. Several implant types are&#x...

Chamrad, J. , Kalasová, D. , Marcián, P. , Zikmund, T. , Kaiser, J.
Hydroxyapatite coating influence on performance of bone-implant contact in cranioplasty: Finite element study

The aim of this study is to analyse mechanical performance of cranial Titanium implant with and HA coating and to compare it with ordinary used implant materials (PMMA, PEEK and Titanium alloy without coating) using computational modelling.

Houdek, V. , Smolík, L.
An efficient approach to model dynamics of a small engine crankshaft

This paper deals with the computational modelling of a crankshaft. The main aim is to provide the overview of an efficient approach to model dynamics of a small engine crankshaft. The introduced computational model includes flexibility of bodies and employs a non-linear model of&#x...

Heidler, V. , Bublík, O. , Lobovský, L. , Vimmr, J.
Free surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method

The aim of this work is to improve the accuracy of the algorithm by incorporating the surface tension and wetting angle effects [1]. The developed computational algorithm is tested on three benchmarks. In the first case, we solved the Poiseuille flow inside the channel formed&...

Havelková, L. , Jansová, M. , Kališ, V. , Rušavý, Z.
Analysis of stretch and stress distribution in pelvic floor structures during vaginal delivery using computer modeling

Female pelvic floor dysfunction, such as urinary incontinence, fecal urgency or pelvic organ prolapse, is very often associated with injuries of pelvic floor structures during childbirth. This trauma usually causes lifelong complications leading to poorer social or/and sexual life. The paper...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 73