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Švec, Martin , Vodičková, Věra , Hanus, Pavel , Keller, Vojtěch
The effect of carbon addition on the structure and high – temperature strength of Fe3Al – based iron aluminide doped by niobium

A structural study as well as the determination of σ0.2 compression yield stress at high temperatures have been performed on the Fe3Al-based iron aluminide doped by Nb (5 at. %) and C (1.5 at.%). The carbon occurrence leads to the formation of three-phase structur...

Melzer, Daniel , Smirnov, I. , Evstifeev, A. , Rzepa, S. , Konopík, P.
Effect of revolutions number on mechanical properties of HPT processed copper

This paper studies the effect of high-pressure torsion (HPT) method at ambient temperature on mechanical properties of material. The aim is to compare copper subjected to HPT for 2, 10 and 30-revolutions with coarse grain structured copper in a cold-rolled state. Miniaturized tensile&#x...

Gogola, Peter , Gabalcová, Zuzana , Suchánek, Henrik , Kusý, Martin
Intermetallics formation during hot dip galvanizing of high carbon steel

From the moment of immersion, the reaction between molten zinc and solid steel starts forming intermetallic phases. This diffusion-controlled process is largely responsible for the final phase composition of zinc coatings. Several literature sources describe this phenomenon for interstitial free ...

Cesarz-Andraczke, Katarzyna , Kazek-Kęsik, Alicja
PEO layers on Mg-based metallic glass for decreasing hydrogen evolution

The amorphous Mg-based alloys may be used as metallic biomaterials for resorbable orthopedic implants. The Mg-Zn-Ca metallic glasses demonstrate fast and variable in time corrosion rate in simulated body fluid. Due to phase composition of the Mg-based materials, the mechanism of corrosion&#x...

Bucki, Tomasz , Sidorko, Magdalena , Bolibruchová, Dana
The effect of application of the plaster as a mould material on the microstructure and properties of AlSi9 aluminium alloy

The study involved examination of the effect of mould material on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AlSi9 aluminium alloy castings. The castings were fabricated in: plaster-based moulds, dehydrated plaster-based moulds and steel mould. The structure of castings from plaster mould&#x...