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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characterization and corrosion behavior of TiO2 thin films deposited onto Mg-based alloy for orthopedic applicationsKania, Aneta; Pilarczyk, Wirginia; Szindler, Magdalena M.
2019Microhardness measurement on heterogeneous jointsVnouček, Milan
2019Optimization of metallic glasses for additive technologies. The role of entropy and enthalpy in formation of amorphous structureRadon, Adrian; Kolano-Burian, Aleksandra; Hawelek, Lukasz
2019The effect of mechanical surface pre-treatment on the strength of the adhesive joint of high strength sheetsKejzlar, Pavel; Voleský, Lukáš; Pilvousek, Lukáš
2019Innovative manufacturing technology of components of machine from amorphous materialsPilarczyk, Wirginia; Małachowska, Aleksandra; Amborziak, Andrzej
2019Catalytic reduction of NO with CO over Supported Fe-Based CatalystsGholami, Fatemeh
2019Optimization of workability technological testing for open-die forgingKotous, Jakub; Kubec, Václav; Duchek, Michal
2019Effects of deformation on the behaviour of chromium carbides in tool steel studied by use of semi-solid formingRubešová, Kateřina; Peković, Michal; Jirková, Hana; Bystrianský, Martin
2019TEM and SEM investigation of AZO thin film microstructureŠotová, Petra; Novák, Petr; Medlín, Rostislav
2019Effect of Mn addition on serrated plastic flow behaviour in high-strength multiphase steels with retained austeniteKozłowska, Aleksandra; Grzegorczyk, Barbara; Staszuk, Marcin; Grajcar, Adam