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dc.contributor.authorTrebuňa, Peter-
dc.contributor.authorMizerák, Marek-
dc.contributor.authorTrojan, Josef-
dc.contributor.authorKopec, Ján-
dc.contributor.editorBureš, Marek-
dc.identifier.citationPrůmyslové inženýrství 2020: Mezinárodní studentská vědecká konference: 7. října 2020, Plzeň, s. 193-198.cs
dc.description.sponsorshipThis article was created by implementation of the grant projects VEGA 1/0438/20 Interaction of digital technologies to support software and hardware communication of the advanced production system platform, KEGA 001TUKE-4/2020 Modernizing Industrial Engineering education to Develop Existing Training Program Skills in a Specialized Laboratory, APVV-17-0258 Digital engineering elements application in innovation and optimization of production flows, APVV-19-0418 Intelligent solutions to enhance business innovation capability in the process of transforming them into smart businessesen
dc.format6 s.cs
dc.publisherZápadočeská univerzita v Plznics
dc.rights© Západočeská univerzita v Plznics
dc.subjectSketch up softwarecs
dc.subjectkoncept TestBedcs
dc.subjectvizuální modelcs
dc.titleVisualization model design of concept TestBed in Sketch up softwareen
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.description.abstract-translatedThis paper deals with the possibility of creating a visualization model or digital twin of a given object in the SketchUp program, which is known for a wide range of modeling applications. This program was chosen because it is the perfect tool for visualizing concepts and is very user-friendly. The application also gives us the freedom to make changes easily, as quickly as possible and much more. The paper also describes the individual elements found in the visualization model and their purpose.en
dc.subject.translatedSketch up softwareen
dc.subject.translatedconcept TestBeden
dc.subject.translatedvisualization modelen
dc.identifier.doithreehttps:// doi.org/10.24132/PI.2020.09693.193-198-
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Průmyslové inženýrství 2020
Průmyslové inženýrství 2020
Průmyslové inženýrství 2020

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