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Zoubek, Štěpán
Keeping it real: Autenticita, Český rap a globální hiphopová\nl{} kultura

This bachelor thesis deals with the notion of authenticity in hip hop subculture in American, global and Czech contexts. The aim of the thesis was to investigate the notion of authenticity in hip hop subculture and how it is affected by globalisation, localisation and intercul...

Šimková, Kristýna
Zvratná slovesa v angličtině a češtině

This bachelor thesis deals with reflexive verbs in English and Czech. The topic of reflexivity is described separately for each language and later compared. The theoretical part introduces reflexive verbs and their placement within grammar. Then the focus is on the most common clas...

Malá, Marie-Kristina
Porovnání idiomů stejné reference v angličtině a češtině

This thesis deals with English idioms and their Czech counterparts. It aims to analyze selected idioms and compare them. The primary assumption is that most idioms are slightly modified and their meaning cannot be understood from the meaning of their components. This work&#x...

Kuchař, Martin
Fonetický vývoj angličtiny, nizozemštiny a němčiny a jejich vzájemná komparace

This undergraduate thesis deals with the three most dominant West Germanic languages - English, Dutch and German - and their historical development with respect to their phonologic systems and the orthographic realizations of the individual phonemes. For a sufficient context,&#...

Tomanová, Ludmila
Formativní hodnocení gramatiky a slovní zásoby pomocí mobilních technologií

The thesis deals with formative assessment of grammar and vocabulary using online tools and platforms. The main goals of the thesis were two: to summarize data about options and functionalities of each particular online tool or platform; and to choose which of them suits forma...