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Recent Submissions

Pavezová, Markéta
Historie Nýřanska ve vyučování na 1.stupni ZŠ.

This diploma thesis focuses on the history of the Nýřany region and on the possibilities of using local history resources for teaching in primary schools. The first, theoretical part includes the history of the Nýřany region from prehistoric settlements to...

Glazer, Tomáš
Kapitoly ze školství českých krajanů v rumunském Banátu

The thesis is about selected chapters from education of Czech compatriots in Romanian Banat. The beginning is about colonization of Banat by Czech colonizers and about historical development of school in Gârnic. Large part of the work relates to people, who studied there. There...

Kalinová, Michaela
Regionální dějiny v didaktických aplikacích

This diploma thesis deals with the history of Pilsen's regional architecture and its changes according to artistic styles from the oldest to the contemporary. The introduction acquaints the reader with the character of the Pilsen region, in which three specifics are selected, accord...

Trojanec, Matěj
Sport a tělesná výchova v osudech vybraných historických osobností

My long-term interest in the history of sport helped to create an interesting concept which tries to offer a slightly different view of historical topics. Its goal is to cover historical topics which have an indisputable connection with any physical preparation and subsequently&#x...

Dvořáková, Pavlína
Dějiny Zdislavic do roku 1918

This bachelor thesis aims to introduce the history of Zdislavice and the fate of its dwellers from the first-mentioned notations of the settlement of Zdislavice fortress to the complex historical development of the village Zdislavice until 1918. The bachelor thesis further focuses on&#x...