Katedra hudební kultury / Department of Musical Culture


Recent Submissions

Růžičková, Veronika
Projektové vyučování v hudební výchově

The theses is focused on project teaching in musical educatin. The first part explains the situation in world pedagogy at the begining of twentieth century, the origin of project method and its reception by czech teachers. There is introduction of current terminology, i. e.&#...

Stiborová, Karolína
Nevidomý student hudby se zaměřením na Konzervatoř Jana Deyla

The thesis presents teaching of blind students at the Conservatory and High School Jan Deyl. The theoretical part deals with the definition of persons with visual impairment and their classifications. Furthermore, the theoretical part provides overview of institutions dealing with education...

Pfeifferová, Aneta
Motivace dítěte ke hře na klavír a její uplatnění v hudební výchově na 1.stupni ZŠ

Playing musical instruments is a specific musical activity in which the person, based on acquired instrumental and musical skills, and usually the knowledge of notation, creates the sound form of musical works. In this thesis I will focus on the motivation, which is very impor...

Marková, Eliška
Hudební tradice a rituály ve výchově dětí předškolního věku

This bachelor thesis is focused on traditions and rituals in preschool education of children, which can be realized through musical activities. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to find out what mentions on a given topic already exist, how the musical traditions and rituals&...

Štíchová, Johanka
Mnohovrstevnost hudby Eduarda Spáčila

The content of my bachelor thesis is devoted to the life of Eduard Spáčil and his important musical activities. I have divided the bachelor thesis into several chapters that represent the individual stages of Spáčil's life. The first chapter contains Spáčil's childhood and ...