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Recent Submissions

Vlčková, Veronika
Právní úprava a prevence průmyslových havárií

This diploma thesis deals with the historical development of law and prevention of industrial accidents, focusing on the description of important acts at international, European and Czech levels, including their subsequent evaluation. Special attention is also paid to major industrial accidents,&...

Suchá, Julie
Právní úprava nakládání se zvířaty ve veřejném a soukromém právu

This thesis deals with legal regulation of protection of animals in both Czech law and international law. My primary goal was to analyze these legal regulations. Regarding Czech law I dealt with treating of animals in areas of private and public law. Besides describing the...

Mihinová, Anna
Přestupky na pozemních komunikacích v teorii a praxi

This Thesis's point of interest are difficulties with road traffic delicts. The goal of this thesis is to analyze problematic aspects of road traffic delicts mostly from application perspective, critically evaluate it from de lege lata point of view but also in context of ...

Marešová, Magdaléna
Přestupky proti občanskému soužití a majetku

This thesis deals with the topic of offences against the civil coexistence and property. Facts of offences against the civil coexistence and property are defined by the act n. 251/2016 Co. This act was adopted with act n. 250/2016 Co. and act n. 183/2017 Co....

Vandělík, Tomáš
Veřejně přístupné účelové komunikace a jejich pojmové vymezení

The master thesis deals with the definition of public utility roads according to Czech law system. There is a set of features enshrined in the Code of public roads No. 13/1997, Coll. It consists of these features: common public use, detectability of the road, lawful ...