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Recent Submissions

Špíralová, Kristýna
Městský obvod - postavení, působnost, orgány

This Thesis should give the comprehensive view of statutory cities and city districts in the Czech Republic and their function. Also their problematics in the Czech Republic and thoughts and ideas for their improvement.. Each statutory city can delegate different competences to its ...

Formanová, Hana
Příspěvková organizace

The aim of my bachelor thesis "contributory organizations" is generally to explain the position of contributory organizations in the legal system of the Czech Republic. In the first part I explain the general operation, main activity, financing and how they are created and...

Foltýnová, Eliška
Spolupráce obcí v České republice

For my bachelor thesis I have chosen cooperation of municipalities in the Czech republic as a theme. I divided the work into two parts. In the first part I deal with the history of self-government in the Czech lands. I described the creation of municipalities alread...

Charouzová, Aneta
Etika úředního jednání

To prepare my bachelor thesis, I have chosen the topic: Ethics of official act. Currently, the ethical behavior of officials and the confidence in their work suffer from a number of shortcomings. The main consequence of corruption and clientelism is the negative impact on thei...

Bullová, Dominika
Analýza projektu SmartCity v České republice

The Bachelor Thesis "Analysis of the Smart City project in the Czech Republic" focuses on the concept of Smart City and its application in the Czech Republic. The First, theoretical, part of the work discusses the concept of Smart City itself, its basic components an...