Katedra veřejné správy / Department of Public Administration


Recent Submissions

Kovářová, Annette
Veřejná služba poskytována veřejnoprávními médii ČR

Main objectives of the thesis are to define a public ser-vice which is provided by public broadcasting in the Czech Republic and to specify its characteristics. Institutions of the public broadcasting are established by the law and are responsible for fulfilling their statutory obj...

Vlčková, Eva
Veřejnoprávní smlouvy

This thesis deals with public law contracts in the Czech legal order. At first, the thesis introduces basic problems of public law contracts. It defines public administration, its division, administrative law and the distinction between private and public law. The thesis also deal...

Pacák, Vilém
Neziskový sektor a územní samospráva

The aim of this thesis was to define and familiarize self-government and the non-profit sector so we can find out what the relationship is between them. For demonstration, I decided to use practical examples of non-profit organizations in the capital city of Prague. Certainly ...

Vonešová, Tereza
Komunální volby v České republice

The subjekt of this thesis is the analysis of elections to the town council in the selected town. The first part of the thesis is deals with the characteristics of local government and municipality in the Czech Republic. The following part of the thesis is focused on...

Dubský, Štěpán
Činnost politických stran na místní a regionální úrovni

As entering of my diploma thesis I chose the topic of a "Political parties and their activities at local and regional level". Political parties are entities through which citizens of democratic states participate in government. This diploma thesis deals with political parties ...