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Novotný, Jiří
Existuje ještě bankovní tajemství?

The article is devoted to the issue of bank obligations and related banking secrecy, i.e. the obligation of the bank to maintain confidentiality in business matters affecting the interests of the bank and its clients.

Kocina, Jan
Velká novela trestních předpisů: Aktuální otázky dohody o vině a trestu

The article presents the essential changes concerning an agreement on admission of guilt and on punishment, as introduced by the adopted amendment to criminal law. The most important changes are perhaps that an agreement on admission of guilt and on punishment may be concluded ...

Balík, Stanislav
Tragický příběh advokáta Samuela Nagla

The article deals with a tragic fate of an attorney Samuel Nagel who committed suicide in August 1887. The young and promising lawyer who became rich by advantageous marriage and by inheritance from his mother and aunt didn’t treat these assets properly. The desire to mul...

Kocina, Jan
Oprávnění advokáta vyhledávat, přověřovat, předkládat a navrhovat důkazy v trestním řízení

The article describes the lawyer's authority to search for, examine, submit and propose evidence in criminal proceedings. Based on the notice of the lawyer Mgr. M. K. on the inappropriate procedure of the courts in the case concerning the examination of facts related to th...

Straus, Jiří , Vavera, František
Paul Uhlenhuth, zakladatel moderní kriminalistické biologie

The article discusses a significant figure in criminalistic biology, Paul Uhlenhuth, who was the first to discover a method for distinguishing between human and animal blood.