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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Dealing with Optical Material Properties in Computer Graphics and VisionKlein, Reinhard
2007Efficient and accurate rendering of vector data on virtual landscapesSchneider, Martin; Klein, Reinhard
2010Efficient Non-Linear Editing of Large Point CloudsAiteanu, Fabianu; Degener, Patrick; Klein, Reinhard
2003Efficient NURBS rendering using view-dependent LOD and normal mapsGuthe, Michael; Klein, Reinhard
2004Efficient trimmed NURBS tessellationBalázs, Ákos; Guthe, Michael; Klein, Reinhard
2005Fast and accurate Hausdorff distance calculation between meshesGuthe, Michael; Borodin, Pavel; Klein, Reinhard
2002Gomputing geodesic distances on triangular meshesNovotni, Marcin; Klein, Reinhard
2006GPU-based appearance preserving trimmed NURBS renderingGuthe, Michael; Balázs, Ákos; Klein, Reinhard
2004High-quality silhouette illustration for texture-based volume renderingNagy, Zoltán; Klein, Reinhard
2009Interactive Editing of Upholstered FurnitureSchwartz, Christopher; Degener, Patrick; Klein, Reinhard
2009Interactive exploration of large event datasets in high energy physicsHermann, Max; Greß, Alexander; Klein, Reinhard
2008Libugrab: a versatile grabbing libraryKahlesz, Ferenc; Klein, Reinhard
2018Linear subspaces of the appearance spaceMylo, Marlon; Klein, Reinhard
2001Object-centered navigation in virtual construction applicationsElcacho, Colette; Dingel, Thomas; Klein, Reinhard
2001Object-Centered Navigation in Virtual Construction ApplicationsElcacho, Collete; Dingel, Thomas; Klein, Reinhard
2014Patch-based sparse reconstruction of material BTFsBrok, Dennis den; Steinhausen, Heinz Christian; Hullin, Matthias; Klein, Reinhard
2010PhotoPath: single image path depictions from multiple photographsSchwartz, Christopher; Schnabel, Ruben; Degener, Patrick; Klein, Reinhard
2017Pushpins for edit propagationMylo, Marlon; Klein, Reinhard
2008The Room Connectivity Graph: Shape Retrieval in the Architectural DomainWessel, Raoul; Blümel, Ina; Klein, Reinhard
2004Scalable compression and rendering of textured terrain dataWahl, Roland; Massing, Manuel; Degener, Patrick; Guthe, Michael; Klein, Reinhard