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Boukhalfi, Tarik , Desrosiers, Christian , Paquette, Eric
Machine learning approach to automate facial expressions from physical activity

We propose a novel approach based on machine learning to simulate facial expressions related to physical activity. Because of the various factors they involve, such as psychological and biomechanical, facial expressions are complex to model. While facial performance capture provides t...

Oliveira de Oliveira, Ícaro , Ono, Keiko Veronica , Todt, Eduardo
IGFTT: towards an efficient alternative to SIFT and SURF

The invariant feature detectors are essential components in many computer vision applications, such as tracking, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), image search, machine vision, object recognition, 3D reconstruction from multiple images, augmented reality, stereo vision, and others. Howev...

Odaker, Thomas , Kranzlmueller, Dieter , Volkert, Jens
View-dependent simplification using parallel half edge collapses

Highly detailed models are a requirement for many applications in computer graphics. The necessary level of detail, however, may vary depending on the application. To provide a tradeoff, mesh simplification is used to generate approximations of a model which can be used to&#...

Debiasi, Alberto , Simões, Bruno , De Amicis, Raffaele
GeoPeels: deformation-based technique for exploration of geo-referenced networks

Spatial relations between geographical entities are typically visualized as a node-link diagram that is depicted over a geographical layout. The node-link diagram representation is well-suitable for tasks that require the analysis of the topology and properties of a spatial graph beca...

Afrin, Naurin , Lai, Wei
Single chord-based corner detectors on planar curves

Detecting corner locations in the images plays a significant role in several computer vision applications such as motion detection, image registration, video tracking, image mosaicing, panorama stitching and object recognition. In this paper we have analyzed an existing state of art,&...