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Recent Submissions

Pavlák, Miroslav , Písař, Přemysl
Strategic management controlling system and its importance for SMEs in the EU

The current hyper-competitive environment offers many great opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), but on the other hand, this business environment is also hazardous. SMEs are a significant economic power and employer in the European Union. Their competitiveness and long-term...

Řezáč, Karel
The Concept of Capability Approach and Its Implications Strengthening the Humanity of (not only) Social Work

In today’s world we are increasingly confronted with the idea that success is expressed in numbers and material wealth. Deeper human values are somehow losing signifi cance and prestige. The risks of such a situation are obvious at fi rst sight. Those who are not economic...

Kebza, Martin , Findžová, Leona , Váňová, Anna
Využívání sociálních sítí místními samosprávami: geografický kontext

This paper aims to map the use of two social networks (Facebook, Instagram) within the municipalities of the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions. On the example of 635 municipalities we verify whether Facebook is the dominantly used social network, how the activity on these media&...

Lerchová, Kateřina , Simbartl, Petr
Using paper in kindergarten to develop and estimate levels of fine motor skills

Currently, we have faced problems in the area of developing fine motor skills for pre-school and school children. As there has been a huge expansion of touch electronics, such as tablets in households as well as at schools, the necessity to use more fingers of a hand...

Koropets, Olga , Polents, Ilona
Features of Employees' Perception of Toxic Factors of the Workplace Depending on the Degree of their Emotional Burnout

The paper is devoted to the problem of a toxic workplace and the examination of its effect on the emotional burnout of employees. The purpose of this study is to reveal the peculiar properties of the attitude of workers with varying degrees of burnout syndrome to org...