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Šipikal, Miroslav , Szitásiová, Valéria , Pisár, Peter , Uramová, Mária
Spatially blind or place based policy?: a comparison of innovation support in the Czech and Slovak republic

With the ongoing changes in development of the European Union, also conditions for fi nancial support are changing. For Central Europe, most fi nancial aid comes from Cohesion policies. The same applies for the support of innovations, which are considered to be a drivin...

Simionescu, Mihaela , Bilan, Yuriy , Smrčka, Luboš , Vincúrová, Zuzana
The effects of european economic integration and the impact of Brexit on the UK immigrants from the CEE countries

Considering the debates regarding lower increase in the economic growth after Brexit, the main objective of this paper is to measure the positive impact of economic integration of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on the UK economy and the effect of Brexit on...

Houdek, Petr , Koblovský, Petr
Behavioural economics of organization: employees and managers

This short perspective article presents an overview of empirical evidence on the behavioural organizational economics on the basis of the extended standard model of worker’s behaviour. The advancements of behavioural economics theories, new detailed and structured data on actions of &...

Botrić, Valerija , Božić, Ljiljana
Access to finance: innovative firms´ perceptions in post-transition EU members

The post-transition EU member countries generally have to catch up with EU most developed economies in many aspects. Access to fi nance problems in these countries are potentially harmful to development of entrepreneurship, innovation performance and overall growth, leading to further...

Castillo-Peces, Carlos del , Mercado-Idoeta, Carmelo , Prado-Román, Camilo
Determining factors of the benefits derived from the implementation of EN 9100 standards

In Spain, as well as in the rest of the world, the aerospace sector is one of the most important. The EN 9100 Standards (AS 9100 in America and SIAC 9100 in Asia), are a quality management system for the aerospace industry derived from the ISO 9001 s...