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Recent Submissions

Vychytil, Jan , Špirk, Stanislav
Numerical analysis of passenger kinematics and injury risks during a railway vehicle collision: The effect of safety belts

The aim of this paper is to contribute to investigation of passive safety of passengers in railway vehicles using numerical simulations. At first, a typical interior of a railway vehicle is created in the Virtual Performance Solution software. It includes finite element models of&#...

Polášek, Patrik
Model vlivu inovace výrobku na technologický postup a uspořádání výroby

This dissertation deals with product innovation and its effects on the technological process of production and organization of the workplace. The dissertation is firstly focused on the current state of scientific knowledge on which this work is based. There are described basic innovatio...

Gorschenek, Martin
Výzkum využití nekovových materiálů ve stavbě strojů a zařízení

The work is focused on the possibility of using polymeric materials in the area of single-purpose machines covering and selecting suitable material as a replacement of metal (or other) in order to improve some characteristics (eg weight or price savings). The main benefit of t...

Chotovinský, Ondřej
Design autonomních vozidel s ohledem na ikluzivity a městskou mobilitu

The motivation behind this dissertation thesis is to help to provide a more inclusive environment for urban citizens, daily commuters, disabled persons, and communities by bringing innovative technologies to anyone focusing on autonomous driving solutions. The work will look at the vehicle&#...

Marek, Patrice , Marková, Věra
Optimization and Testing of Money Flow Index

The paper deals with whether the Money Flow Index (MFI) can still be used successfully for trading, and whether the parameters recommended in the literature are the best that an investor can use. Simulations in randomized time interval for the largest companies in the S&P&...