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Recent Submissions

Klimko, Marek
Vliv incidenčního úhlu na proudění v oběžné mříži turbínového stupně

Experimental and numerical evaluation of the incidence effect on turbine stage bucket and effective bucket angle of attack prediction.

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav
Consideration of random loading processes and scatter of fatigue properties for assessing the service life of welded bus bodyworks

As in the field of passenger cars, the development of a new bus (trolleybus, electric bus) includes computational and experimental activities: CAD - MBS - FEM - stand tests - measurements with prototypes - fatigue life calculations. Current challenges include the rise of electromob...

Kovanda, Jan , Rulc, Vojtěch
Pre-crash control strategy of driver assistance system

The aim of the article is the optimisation process of the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) control. The methodology is based on the classi-fication of ADAS systems according to the situations of unavoidable accidents. Theevaluation of expected consequences uses injury biomechanics, ...

Jirková, Hana , Jeníček, Štěpán , Kučerová, Ludmila , Kurka, Petr
High-strength steel components produced by hot metal gas forming

Advanced high strength steels are promising materials for a variety of applications. They can be used in the automotive industry to reduce the car body weight, and thus the fuel consumption as well. Very good mechanical properties can be obtained in martensitic steels by the&#...

Skovajsa, Michal
Metodika návrhu a výroby skořepinových rámů závodních automobilů

This dissertation deals with the determination of a methodology for manufacturing and designing racing car monocoques. The main goal was to determine a methodology for manufacturing and designing a composite sandwich panel with verification using several experimental measurements. The overall met...