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Recent Submissions

Hanzl, Pavel , Zetková, Ivana
Benefits of a new approach to designing milling cutter using Metal Additive Manufacturing

Topological optimization is the process of reducing part weight while respecting strength requirements. This paper focuses on its possible positive consequences for the machining process. The main aim is to carry out a survey to obtain knowledge that will be applied during the topo...


Achtenová, Gabriela
Analýza mechanismů s více stupni volnosti

At CTU in Prague was develoed the tool "Sungear" dedicated for analysis of planetary gearboxes consisting of single or nested planetary gearsets; and for analysis of the powersplit CVT or IVT mechanisms with 1 degree of freedom (DOF). In this paper is briefly described&#x...

Zeizinger, Lukáš
Vliv odporů na návrh dálkového pásového dopravníku

The thesis deals with dimensioning of frictional resistors on long distance belt transport. The thesis contains the design of the system and comparison of the necessary power for the drive of the system for various designs. The results summarize the possible sizing of the system.

Wurmová, Petra
Působení autosedaček na fyziologii lidského těla

The use of cars increases every year, so people spend more time at the steering wheel, overcoming ever greater distances, which often forces them to sit in the car seat for hours. Professional drivers, especially truck drivers, know about it. It is therefore very important...