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Woźniak, Waldemar , Sąsiadek, Michał , Jachowicz, Tomasz , Edl, Milan , Zając, Paweł
Studies on the Mechanical Properties of C45 Steel with Martensitic Structure after a High Tempering Process

This article describes the studies of the mechanical properties of the martensitic structure of C45 steel, obtained as a result of heat treatment. This steel was subjected to high tempering, within the temperature range of 500÷700°C (every 50°C) and for various exposure times, from...

Jeníček, Štěpán , Opatová, Kateřina , Hajšman, Jan , Vorel, Ivan
Evolution of mechanical properties and microstructure in Q&P processed unconventional medium-carbon silicon steel and comparison between Q&P processing, quenching and tempering, and austempering

This paper investigates the evolution of microstructure and its related mechanical properties of Q-P processed medium-carbon AHSS steel. The investigated informations were compared to the structures and mechanical properties of quenched and tempered, austempered specimens made of the same steel g...

Kindl, Vladimír , Kavalír, Tomáš , Sika, Jiří , Hnátík, Jan , Křížek, Michal , Frivaldský, Michal
Wireless Power Transmission System for Powering Rotating Parts of Automatic Machineries

This paper deals with the analysis of a suitable compensation topology of a wireless power transmission system for powering the rotating parts of modern automatic machine tools. It summarizes the important properties of the serio-parallel compensation topology suitable for this application a...

Hlaváč, Jan , Dekastello, Jiří , Čechura, Milan , Volejníček, Martin , Kubec, Václav
Sawing energy in mechanical crank press drives

The paper deals with the drive options of mechanical presses and their influence on energy efficiency. Although the main focus is on energy efficiency, we also emphasize design and operational issues. The press machine is divided into two separate sections-the machine side and the&...

Lašová, Václava , Bernardin, Petr , Švagr, Marcel , Kubíček, Jiří

The aim of this work was design of alternative solution of milling head housing with help of topology optimization. Mechanical properties of new alternative housing solution (specifically astiffness) are based on the existing milling head IFVW10x manufactured by the ŠMT a.s. company. Th...