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Kubátová, Dana , Melichar, Martin
Evaluation of the influence of the number of points on the measured

The paper deals with the very topical issue of evaluating the critical parameter of surface integrity. Nowadays, surface integrity measurement, especially the roughness of the surface, is extremely effective, because top production industries such as the aerospace industry or the automotive ...

Poulová, Petra , Černá, Miloslava , Hamtilová, Jana , Malý, Filip , Kozel, Tomáš , Kříž, Pavel , Hán, Jan , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Hotel process simulator

The computer simulation of the world are predominantly perceptual stimuli that allow the user to manipulate the elements of the model world and create a sense of realism. Modeling and simulation serves primarily to illustrate and describe individual processes, their structure and, above...

Hanzl, Pavel , Zetková, Ivana , Cajthamlová, Šárka
Influence of strut diameter and building direction on strength of lattice structure

Metal additive manufacturing provides an efficient way of processing metallic cellular structures. This relatively novel way of production is based on a powder bed which is melted using a powerful laser. Despite the advantages of this production technology, differences in geometry are o...

Habrman, Martin , Ráž, Karel , Kalina, Tomáš
Effect of the Cascade Injection Molding on the Filling Behaviour

This paper deals with different ways of injection molding. A plastic part can be generally filled many ways. Use of more than one gate is common in a plastic industry. Cascade molding can affect the final properties of the product, especially by the number of gates, ...

Kalina, Tomáš , Marek, Václav
Development of the new generation of clamping jaws for thermomechanical simulator

This paper presents a development and design of new multifunctional clamping jaws for thermomechanical simulator. In the article there is presented what the thermomechanical simulator is and what is it used for. The article also describes the requirements for the thermomechanical simulator&#...