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Recent Submissions

Vychytil, Jan , Špirk, Stanislav
Numerical analysis of passenger kinematics and injury risks during a railway vehicle collision: The effect of safety belts

The aim of this paper is to contribute to investigation of passive safety of passengers in railway vehicles using numerical simulations. At first, a typical interior of a railway vehicle is created in the Virtual Performance Solution software. It includes finite element models of&#...

Marek, Patrice , Marková, Věra
Optimization and Testing of Money Flow Index

The paper deals with whether the Money Flow Index (MFI) can still be used successfully for trading, and whether the parameters recommended in the literature are the best that an investor can use. Simulations in randomized time interval for the largest companies in the S&P&...

Kučerová, Ludmila , Zetková, Ivana , Jeníček, Štěpán , Burdová, Karolína
Hybrid parts produced by deposition of 18Ni300 maraging steel viaselective laser melting on forged and heat treated advanced high strength steel

Sika, Jiří , Křížek, Michal
Modelling of noise propagation in enclosures

Heller, Petr , Žlebek, Stanislav , Krsička, Tomáš
Nestandardní úzkorozchodný tramvajový podvozek