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Recent Submissions

Zoubek, Michal , Poór, Peter , Broum, Tomáš , Šimon, Michal
Methodology proposal for storage rationalization implementing principles of industry 4.0. In a technology – driven warehouse

The main topic of the paper is storage rationalization. Specifically, the proposal of a methodology related to the rationalization of storage systems in warehouses of industrial companies. The methodology emphasizes the new concept of Warehouse 4.0, including Industry 4.0 warehouse applications&#...

Duffek, Václav , Hořejší, Petr , Mentlík, Pavel , Polcar, Jiří , Průcha, Tomáš , Rohlíková, Lucie
Pre-service teacher training in the Virtual Classroom : Pilot study

The pilot study will be presented in a Virtual classroom environment. Virtual classroom is an application based on the Unity 3D engine. The user puts on 3D glasses, and finds himself/herself in a virtual primary, school model where several pupils can sit on the seats ...

Malaga, Miroslav , Ulrych, Zdeněk
STEM concept in the era of industry 4.0

This paper presents the concept of STEM and the possibilities of using products based on this concept and their use in education, development (prototyping) and in life in general, not only in industrial engineering. The first part of the paper deals with the characteristics of...

Vaculčíková, Zuzana , Tučková, Zuzana , Hrabal, Martin , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Methodology for Process Mapping in Travel Agencies, Agents and Destination Management

The modern world of new technologies, increased globalization and changes in customers' behaviour forces tourism businesses to continually improve the quality of provided services. The classical organization of tourism businesses through functions is no longer sufficient to ensure profitability, s...

Poulová, Petra , Černá, Miloslava , Malý, Filip , Kozel, Tomáš , Kříž, Pavel , Hamtitová, Jana , Hán, Jan , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Virtual Hotel – Gamification in the Management of Tourism Education

We are experiencing increasing interactions between individuals and smart environments, whether it is the interaction of smart devices during ordinary activities or teaching/learning. There is growing emphasis on teachers in passing their knowledge and experience to students to get students ...