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Recent Submissions

Kábele, Pavel , Edl, Milan
Increasing the Efficiency of the Production Process Due to Using Methods of Industrial Engineering

The thesis deals with the increase of production productivity using industrial engineering methods. Application of lean methods in production process and logistics. (predicate should be added). In the theoretical part of this thesis the knowledge (information in this case is better) drawn&#x...

Trebuna, Peter , Pekarčíková, Miriam , Edl, Milan
Digital value stream mapping using the tecnomatix plant simulation software

Value Stream Mapping is a common and widely used method of industrial engineering. It creates a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of improving the production flow of the company as a whole and eliminates the introduction of incremental measures that would reduce the flexi...

Krupa, Patryk , Gabrielewicz, Izabela , Edl, Milan , Pantya, Peter , Patalas-Maliszewska, Justyna
Survey questionnaire for the study on occupational safety culture in a production plant: construction and statistical verification of data correctness

The article presents the issue related with a proper preparation of a data sheet for the analysis, the way of verifying the correctness and reliability of input information, and proper data encoding. Improper input or coding of data can significantly influence the correctness of&#x...

Trebuňa, Peter , Kliment, Marek , Edl, Milan , Petrik, Marián
Creation of simulation model of expansion of production in manufacturing companies

The aim of this paper is to describe the help of simulation as should look like expansion of production in the manufacturing plant. The establishment of a simulation models, we used a software product from Siemens PLM Software and Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. The paper describ...

Ottová, Michaela , Kudrna, Jiří , Poór, Peter , Edl, Milan
New possibilities of knowledge transfer by playing manager games

The aim of this article is to describe the current view on concept of education for sustainable development. The role of universities nowadays became more complex and one of the essentials is to create and enhance partnership between universities and practice. Specifically, it is&#...