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Duffek, Václav , Fiala, Jan , Hořejší, Petr , Mentlík, Pavel , Polcar, Jiří , Průcha, Tomáš , Rohlíková, Lucie
Pre-Service Teachers’ Immersive Experience in Virtual Classroom

In this paper, the results of two pilot studies, carried out in a 3D classroom simulator (based on the Unity 3D engine), will be presented. A virtual classroom user uses a virtual reality headset, and teaches virtual learners (didactic-controlled), who report, ask, and answer ...

Duffek, Václav , Hořejší, Petr , Mentlík, Pavel , Polcar, Jiří , Průcha, Tomáš , Rohlíková, Lucie
Pre-service teacher training in the Virtual Classroom : Pilot study

The pilot study will be presented in a Virtual classroom environment. Virtual classroom is an application based on the Unity 3D engine. The user puts on 3D glasses, and finds himself/herself in a virtual primary, school model where several pupils can sit on the seats ...

Malaga, Miroslav , Ulrych, Zdeněk
STEM concept in the era of industry 4.0

This paper presents the concept of STEM and the possibilities of using products based on this concept and their use in education, development (prototyping) and in life in general, not only in industrial engineering. The first part of the paper deals with the characteristics of...

Hán, Jan , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Modelling and simulation of hotel processes-the method of hoteliers management skills training

The article describes the principles of modelling and simulation methods and tools application within the training of hotel managers. It shows the roles of business processes models development and simulation experiments within the process of hotel system understanding.

Vaculčíková, Zuzana , Tučková, Zuzana , Hrabal, Martin , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Methodology for Process Mapping in Travel Agencies, Agents and Destination Management

The modern world of new technologies, increased globalization and changes in customers' behaviour forces tourism businesses to continually improve the quality of provided services. The classical organization of tourism businesses through functions is no longer sufficient to ensure profitability, s...

Kábele, Pavel , Edl, Milan
Workplace Optimization Using a Collaborative Robot

The study describes increasing the productivity of the production process using robotization. The application of robots in the manufacturing process and logistics requires a very thorough analysis and knowledge of manufacturing processes. The theoretical part describes the knowledge gained from t...

Kába, Martin , Kačerová, Ilona , Šimon, Michal
Comparison of biomechanical systems for evaluation of local muscular load

The paper deals with the use of biomechanical systems for evaluation of muscular load of upper limbs. The study is focused on comparing EMG Holter with the EMG Biometrics DataLog. EMG Holter is the only approved device in the Czech Republic. The aim of the study was&...

Zoubek, Michal , Šimon, Michal
Logistics 4.0: Readiness and technology of internal logistics processes of companies and design of a maturity model for warehousing

We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, which is already fundamentally influencing how goods are produced and distributed. Also, the rapid progress of the digitizing wave is exacerbated by the increasing availability of automated machines. Autonomous machines are no ...

Zoubek, Michal , Šimon, Michal
Methodology for evaluating the readiness of internal logistics processes for Industry 4.0

The field of internal logistics is one of the critical areas of a company and has a great potential within the concept of Industry 4.0. The basic premise of smart production is to have a complete overview of all the logistics movements of products, i.e. from entry,&#...

Zoubek, Michal , Šimon, Michal
Industry 4.0: A case study of industrial company transformation into Smart Factory with an accent on internal logistics and production

The first part of the paper contains the description of Industry 4.0 concept. The different views on this concept and main principles are mentioned. One of these principles is named Smart Factory. The Smart Factory concept is briefly described afterwards. The second part of th...

Poór, Peter , Trstenjak, Maja , Basl, Josef , Opetuk, Tihomir
Maintenance ideal model in Industry 4.0 – A transformation strategy roadmap to readiness factor calculation

The main purpose of this article is to analyze current status of companies’ readiness factor for 4th industrial revolution. Also, we wanted to present a maintenance model idea for a company implementing Industry 4.0. principles. Based on our previous research, firstly machinery maintena...

Poór, Peter , Broum, Tomáš , Basl, Josef
Role of collaborative robots in Industry 4.0 with target on education in Industrial Engineering

The first part of this paper firstly theoretically presents first three industrial revolutions, main inventions and their impact on society and industry development. Then, Industry 4.0 is presented with focus on use of collaborative robots and their role is highlighted. Main part of...

Ženíšek, David , Šimon, Michal
Analýza poruch pomocí Power BI

Zoubek, Michal , Šimon, Michal
Návrh modelu připravenosti pro hodnocení interních logistických procesů v kontextu Průmyslu 4.0

Vránek, Pavel , Kačerová, Ilona , Rybnikár, Filip
Posouzení návrhu výstavby výrobních hal

Rybnikár, Filip , Kačerová, Ilona , Vránek, Pavel
Návrh na úpravu pracoviště za účelem zvýšení produktivity

Malaga, Miroslav , Ulrych, Zdeněk
Diskrétní simulace v konceptu Industry 4.0

Lochmanová, Alena
Adaptace a vzdělávání pracovníků v prostředí výrobních podniků - nové trendy

Kubr, Jan , Novikov, Konstantin , Hořejší, Petr , Kleinová, Jana
Praktická implementace virtuálních návodek

Krákora, David , Hořejší, Petr
Porovnání dvou technických variant pro virtuální trénink

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46