Katedra energetických strojů a zařízení / Department of Power System Engineering


Recent Submissions

Rubanenko, Olena , Yanovych, Vitalii , Miroshnyk, Oleksandr , Danylchenko, Dmytro
Hydroelectric power generation for compensation instability of non-guaranteed power plants

This paper presented research small- and minihydroelectric power plants as an effective source of compensation for instability of non-guaranteed renewable energy sources (RES) power plants. HPPs play the main role for balancing the power system operation mode. To somehow compensate for the&#...

Volf, Michal
Chlazení elektromagnetického kalorimetru PANDA s českou stopou

A few kilometers south of Frankfurt, on the outskirts of Wixhausen, there has been a new international FAIR accelerator complex under construction for several years. These accelerators can prepare very intense beams of ions and antiprotons, which can be used for countless research ...

Žitek, Pavel , Klimko, Marek
Experimentální vzduchová turbína VT-400.

The nuclear power plant also includes a secondary cycle. One of the main components of the cycle is a steam turbine. The flow through the flow path is very complicated and significantly affects the turbine efficiency. An single-stage axial experimental air turbine is located i...

Demianenko, Maryna , Volf, Michal , Pavenko, V. , Liaposhchenko, Oleksandr , Pavlenko, Ivan
The Solution of the Stationary Aeroelasticity Problem for a Separation Channel with Deformable Sinusoidal Walls

One of the most urgent problems concerning the design of inertial separation devices is the failure of the trapped liquid film from the contact surfaces due to the contact with the turbulent gas-liquid flow. For extension of the range of the effective inertial separation, a&#x...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
On the 3D dynamics of the wake behing a circular cylinder

Flow in the wake of a circular cylinder is studied experimentally using time-resolved stereo PIV method. Special attention is paid to 3D topology of dynamical structures. While the distribution of statistic quantities along the cylinder is uniform, and i.e. 2D, the instantaneous flow&#x...