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Recent Submissions

Beránek, Václav , Šťastný, Petr , Nováček, Vít , Votápek, Petr , Formánek, Josef
Upper Limb Strikes Reactive Forces in Mix Martial Art Athletes during Ground and Pound Tactics

Athletes of mixed martial arts use a ground and pound strategy with the strikes in the dominant ground position. The aim of this study was to compare the average peak force (Fpeak) among three punches and to estimate the probability of achieving a skull bone fracture ...

Dvořák, Josef
Teorie a metodika komplexní predikce a analýzy rizik konstruovaných technických produktů

The dissertation thesis is focused on the risk prediction and analyses of designed technical products within their life cycle. The introductory part contains a review of the state of knowledge in the field of product life cycle, risk and methods of prediction and risk analysis...

Kopecký, Martin
Teorie a metodika návrhu technických produktů se zaměřením na zvýšení efektivity výrobních procesů

Dissertation is focused on to increase efficiency the engineering design process of technical products, which are used at assembly processes. First part contains theoretical background about innovation of production processes. Theoretical and methodological support is based on Engineering Design ...

Sedláček, František
Metodika návrhu pokročilých flexibilních komponent z kompozitních materiálů za využití numerických simulací

This paper deals with the determination of methodology of design of advanced composite flexible couplings using virtual prototyping and numerical simulations, that are supported by data obtained from experimental measurements and functional test samples. The currently used composite reinforcement mate...

Gorschenek, Martin
Výzkum využití nekovových materiálů ve stavbě strojů a zařízení

The work is focused on the possibility of using polymeric materials in the area of single-purpose machines covering and selecting suitable material as a replacement of metal (or other) in order to improve some characteristics (eg weight or price savings). The main benefit of t...