Katedra konstruování strojů / Department of Machine Design


Recent Submissions

Gorschenek, Martin
Výzkum využití nekovových materiálů ve stavbě strojů a zařízení

The work is focused on the possibility of using polymeric materials in the area of single-purpose machines covering and selecting suitable material as a replacement of metal (or other) in order to improve some characteristics (eg weight or price savings). The main benefit of t...

Chotovinský, Ondřej
Design autonomních vozidel s ohledem na ikluzivity a městskou mobilitu

The motivation behind this dissertation thesis is to help to provide a more inclusive environment for urban citizens, daily commuters, disabled persons, and communities by bringing innovative technologies to anyone focusing on autonomous driving solutions. The work will look at the vehicle&#...

Dvořák, Josef , Teplý, Radek
Complex Risk Analyses of the Cable winder

Hofman, Jiří , Čermák, Roman
ComplexTrans – global land transportation system: the best way ahead for railways and roads is coherent cooperation, not the competition

The land-transportation cannot meet its demands anymore. Jammed highways and cities, dangerous emissions, omnipresent traffic accidents, delays, expensive railways. Solutions are being sought to transfer a large part of passenger- and especially freight-traffic to (high-speed) rail and the efforts&#x...

Kubec, Václav , Čechura, Milan
Successful outcomes of collaboration between a university-based research and development facility and manufacturing factory

University facilities often have extensive technical equipment for complex high-accuracy engineering calculations. These facilities strive to verify their results in practice. Such an opportunity arose in collaboration between the Centre for Forming Machine Design Research (CFMDR, Centrum výzkumu konstrukc...