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Recent Submissions

Beránek, Václav , Šťastný, Petr , Nováček, Vít , Votápek, Petr , Formánek, Josef
Upper Limb Strikes Reactive Forces in Mix Martial Art Athletes during Ground and Pound Tactics

Athletes of mixed martial arts use a ground and pound strategy with the strikes in the dominant ground position. The aim of this study was to compare the average peak force (Fpeak) among three punches and to estimate the probability of achieving a skull bone fracture ...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva
Prevence pádů u pacientů s kognitivními poruchami

The review study summarises published research results from the 2018-2019 period. The aim was to summarise the research findings regarding the prevention of falls in people with cognitive disorders. The included research results were searched in full-text electronic databases focused on nurs...

Horová, Jana , Brabcová, Iva , Krocová, Jitka
Následky pádů pacientů

Injuries caused by a patient’s fall are serious complications that prolong in-patient treatment. The aim of the paper was to find out the occurrence of injuries caused by falls and related factors in patients at a large inpatient medical facility. We performed a quantitative d...

Tichá, Michaela , Frei, Jiří
Úskalí práce sester při péči o pacienta během léčby kontinuální eliminační metodou

The issues of continual elimination methods and activity associated with them on intensive care units are frequent content of general nurses’ work. But in many cases the health workers, and especially in situations when they do not perform this activity often or frequently, fumble&...

Müllerová, Nina
Moje cesta začíná i končí v nemocnici