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Karel, Tomáš , Knoll, Vilém
Hrady na Chebsku jako reprezentanti moci

The Cheb region belongs to the historical areas which are distinctly and morphologically determined. It is, due to its complicated historical development, a suitable area to demonstrate links between settlements and landscape, respectively to observe the variations of symbolism created...

Kotroušová, Denisa
Corporal Punishments as a Mean of Upbringing vs. Children’s Rights in the Czech Republic

This article focuses on one of the means of upbringing - corporal punishments. It sets down a question if they can be seen as an admissible mean of upbringing under the Czech law. Even though the answer seems obvious on the first sight, it is actually far more&#...

Dostalík, Petr
Actio de in rem verso. An Unwanted Continuity. The Doctrine of versio in rem in the Austrian Civil Code and Interwar Legal Discussion in Czechoslovakia

This paper concerns of the doctrine of versio in rem (or actio de in rem verso) in the legal discussion in interwar Czechoslovakia. The paper presents a brief overview of the origin and field of application of actio de in rem verso in classical Roman law and the...

Koutenský, Otakar
Exekuce přikázáním pohledávky z účtu manžela povinného

The article focuses on the issue of penalizing property belonging to the joint property of the spouses and the exclusive property of the obligor's spouse during execution by ordering a claim from the obligor's spouse's account. At the beginning, the general regulation of...

Knoll, Vilém , Pezl, Tomáš
Continuity and Discontinuity of Czechoslovak Interwar Law. Basic Introduction of the Topic with an Example of Criminal Law

The paper deals with the development of law in Czechoslovakia from its inception to the existence of the so-called First Republic, focusing in particular on the development of criminal law. The primary question addressed in the paper is whether there is legal continuity with t...