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Mulák, Jiří , Vnenk, Vladislav
Projevy zásady kontradiktornosti v českém trestním a civilním procesu

The paper deals with the principle of contradictory and its reflection in criminal and civil proceedings. First, the application of the principle of contradictory in criminal proceedings is discussed, especially at the stage of the main trial, and then its application in civil proc...

Vyoralová, Tereza
Volené orgány obchodních korporací

I consider the topic of business corporations to be a very practical and topical topic. It is a material with which not only the professional public, but also the legal lay people, meet almost every day. It is linked to a number of practical issues, and in addit...

Hobl, Jaroslav
Posouzení úvěruschopnosti spotřebitele a dopady na exekuční řízení

The article deals with the assessment of consumer creditworthiness and the impact on enforcement proceedings. Last year, several decisions of the Constitutional Court appeared which provide (in my opinion unjustified) protection of debtors 'rights at the expense of creditors' rights. One&...

Heřmanová, Kateřina
Rozhodování o nákladech řízení o excindační žalobě v kontextu judikatury

The Act doesn´t independently deal with the costs in the exclusion proceedings within the scope of excise actions and the court applies general provisions on reimbursement of costs of proceedings, primarily according to § 142 of the Code of Civil Procedure, i.e. decides according&#...

Malast, Jan
Společné řízení o přestupcích – vždy ve prospěch pachatele?

The paper deals with the issue of common proceedings on multiple administrative transgressions and the question of the applicability of this special type of proceedings in connection with the principle of absorption if their consequences would lead to a deterioration of the accused’s&#x...