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Recent Submissions

Kocina, Jan , Vepřek, Jakub
Znalecký posudek předložený stranou v trestním řízení

The article deals with the importance of the expert opinion as evidence in criminal proceedings and with the relevant legislation with emphasis on the issue of expert opinions submitted by the parties. Furthermore, in this context, it devotes the possibility of an expert, or a...

Straus, Jiří , Vavera, František
Juan Vucetich - jeden ze zakladatelů daktyloskopie

The article deals with Juan Vucetich, who is considered as one of the founders of dactyloscopy. It describes his life and the way to criminalistics. Furthermore, the article deals with the dactyloscopic identification system that Vucetich invented and introduced into forensic practice.

Straus, Jiří , Vavera, František
Ohledání místa mimořádné události (teorie a praxe)

The thesis deals with the activities of the IRS units on-site of an emergency event, i. e. with focus on the creme scene investigation. The basic activities of the IRS units are to intervene, i. e. avert danger or to mitigate and eliminate the consequences of an ...

Vavera, František
Zajištění bezpečnosti ČR (z pohledu HZS ČR)

The paper deals with the concept of internal security with regard to the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. Internal security in connection with operations of Fire Rescue Service of Czech Republic is surely not disregarded. This paper outlines the internal security both...

Musil, Jan
Nekončící reforma trestního řízení

In the article, the author focuses on the development of the so-called continental-type criminal procedure, which is experiencing permanent reform. The author states that the legislative work carried out in almost all European countries over the past few years has resulted in the a...