Katedra soukromého práva a civilního procesu / Department of Private Law and Civil Proceedings


Recent Submissions

Zítek, Adam
Vlastnictví bytů a nebytových prostor

This work deals with the issue of flat and non-residential ownership, in other words a special proprietary right the object of which is a flat or non-residential room combined with obligatory co-ownership of the building. The aim of the work is to generalize basic ...

Zárybnická, Jana
Pojištění odpovědnosti za škodu

Third party liability insurance is compacted to profit the compensation for the damage and loss; it is the indemnity insurance, according to the rules of law. The problem of judging the risks, which would be beard by the insurer, if he binds oneself with the insurance...

Neradová, Věra
Ochrana soukromí ve zdravotnictví

The object of this research paper is the effort to illustrate the state of legal regulation concerning privacy protection of a patient in the Czech Republic and the consequences such legal regulation has on legal practice. The aim of this research paper is to answer the&#...

Vymazal, Lukáš
Výkon zástavního práva k nemovitostem

The thesis deals with some legal aspects of mortgage and, in particular, it is focused on the ways in which a creditor can realize his right in real property serving as collateral in order to settle his secured debt. The goal of dissertation is to analyze the&#...

Vítek, Jindřich
Odpovědnost statutárních orgánů obchodních společností

The theme of this thesis is the Liability of Statutory Organs in Business Companies, especially in the field of Private law. The opening part is focused on the development of legal regulation of liability of statutory organs of business companies until and after year 1989....