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Recent Submissions

Pokorný, Jan , Hejduková, Pavlína
Fondová schémata jako možná řešení finanční udržitelnosti dánského penzijního systému

The financial sustainability of pension systems is one of the crucial topics in the context of population aging. The issue of financial sustainability is primarily associated with public unfunded pension schemes, where there is an increase in future expenditures and a reduction&#...

Málek, Jiří , van Quang, Tran
Stock market risk measured by VaR nad CVaR: A comparison study

VaR and CVaR are effective quantitative measurement of market risk. These measures can quantify the risk of unexpected changes within a given period. In this paper, we examine the market risk of four stock indices: the Czech PX, the Austrian ATX, the London FTSE, a...

Nosková, Marta
Faktory ovlivňující výkonnost podniku – analýza empirických dat

The question of business performance assessment has been discussed by many researchers. Some resulting indicators of business performance can be applied in all enterprises (e.g. ROE, ROA), some have limited use (e.g. Tobin ́s Q). This paper focuses on finding the aspects (in...

Pelloneová, Natalie
Vliv členství v Klastru Mechatronika na finanční výkonnost podnikatelských subjektů

This paper addresses the impact which could have the membership of some enterprises in an institutionalized cluster on their financial performance. The research file consists of founding enterprises from the Mechatronic Cluster. This cluster was established as a result of a clust...

Jarý, Čestmír

Economic development since the Industrial Revolution has created an environment of the micro and macro spheres. But globalization has added mesoeconomics to this structure. The present shows that the national economy is dependent on a few large companies that make up a decisive par...