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Recent Submissions

Petrenko, Olesya
Terciární vzdělávání a jeho vliv na hospodářský rozvoj v členských státech EU

The purpose of the thesis is to analyse the relation between education and economic growth with focus on the education structure that is often overlooked. Although the positive effect of education on economy and economic growth is often taken for granted and backed by theory,&...

Faifr, Adam
Dopady implementace GDPR na klíčové činnosti a management rizik malých e-shopů v České republice

The dissertation deals with the impacts of GDPR implementation, where the author´s goal is to define the impacts of the implementation on core activities of small e-shops in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the author aims to empirically validate the previously defined th...

Jelínková, Eva
Faktory adopce XR technologií do podniků zpracovatelského průmyslu České republiky

Digitalization and the entire concept of Industry 4.0 represent one of the key topics resonating in the academic sphere as well as in the real business world. They have a significant impact on the current functioning of business entities and challenge them to make radical ...

Polívka, Martin
Vliv Průmyslu 4.0 na požadavky kladené na ERP systémy

The presented dissertation thesis deals with the issue to what extent the current rapid development of information and communication technologies, referred to in the literature as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" or the emergence of "Industry 4.0", affects enterprise information ...

Komorousová, Veronika
Výkonnost společností ve zvoleném odvětví ve vztahu k udržitelnému rozvoji a spotřebě

The doctoral thesis titled "Performance of Companies in the Selected Industry in Relation to Sustainable Development and Consumption" focuses on the public transportation sector. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether there are differences in performance in selected cities o...