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Recent Submissions

Scholz, Petr , Linderová, Ivica , Janeček, Petr
Hotel Guest Satisfaction and Service Quality: Evidence from Czech Safari Hotel

The development of accommodation facilities is currently (especially in the COVID-19 pandemic) accompanied by a growth in guests’ emphasis on the quality and structure of additional services. Guest satisfaction with services in tourism is thus one of the important factors affecting the ...

Choi, Jaewon , Lee, Hong Joo , Choeh, Joon Yeon
Harnessing the predictive value of online word-of-mouth for identifying market success of new automobiles: Input versus output word-of-mouth perspectives

Rapacz, Andrzej , Gryszel, Piotr , Walesiak, Marek , Dudek, Andrzej
Innovative activity of restaurants operating in the largest Polish cities

The skills of acquiring and processing information as well as creating innovations remain the key factor responsible for the market success of enterprises, one of the most important factors in gaining a competitive advantage on the market. It is also true for the tourism marke...

Pompurová, Kristína , Marčeková, Radka
Insights into platform tourism services: Future demand perspectives in Slovakia

A model based on digital sharing has brought a new wind to the business world. Its growth was abruptly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As anti-epidemiological measures have most significantly affected the tourism sector, this paper attempts to outline the development perspective of&...

Bartók, Otto , Matošková, Jana
Essential factors for building customer relationships on facebook: Evidence from the Czech republic

E-commerce has become an integral part of the modern age. The behaviour of e-commerce customers has some specifics, which is useful for firms to understand. As customers’ trust and willingness to accept risk influence the decision to buy a product in e-commerce, it is evident&...