Katedra ekonomie a kvantitativních metod / Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods


Recent Submissions

Nový, Miloš
The influence of globalization on selected constitutive and regulating elements of the economic mechanism on the example of regional economic growth of new and old member states of the European Union

The constitutive principles, which define the economic order in the basic outline and set its basic parameters, together with the regulating principles that regulate the economy in the logic of its desirable economic and social development, form the basic building blocks of the eco...

Brčák, Jan
Sustainable Development Goals in Company Culture

Martinčík, David

Šlechtová Sojková, Olga , Janeček, Petr
Visit rate of tourists in the border regions: case of the Pilsen, Karlovy Vary and Usti regions

Czech border regions differ greatly in the socio-economical, demographical and natural areas. Tourism in the border regions is a very important part of the economy, because of the character of the landscape. Nature in connection with the culture potential creates very attractive regions...

Pokrivčák, Ján , Chovancová Supeková, Soňa , Lančarič, Drahoslav , Savov, Radovan , Tóth, Marián , Vašina, Radoslav
Development of beer industry and craft beer expansion

The objective of this paper is to evaluate how globalization of Slovak economy and its economic growth affected not only the structure of the traditional beer market in Slovakia but also the rise and expansion of craft breweries. The theory is focused on examining an inte...