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Martinčík, David

Pokrivčák, Ján , Chovancová Supeková, Soňa , Lančarič, Drahoslav , Savov, Radovan , Tóth, Marián , Vašina, Radoslav
Development of beer industry and craft beer expansion

The objective of this paper is to evaluate how globalization of Slovak economy and its economic growth affected not only the structure of the traditional beer market in Slovakia but also the rise and expansion of craft breweries. The theory is focused on examining an inte...

Vojtko, Viktor , Rolínek, Ladislav , Plevný, Miroslav
System dynamics model of crises in small and medium enterprises

The article aims to improve existing theories of business development and crisis management with a special emphasis on inner dynamics of crises in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For these purposes, combined perspectives of system dynamics, company life cycles, crisis management, resili...

Brčák, Jan , Gangur, Mikuláš
A use of data mining methods in the Czech republic and in the world

The data mining or a knowledge discovery from data becomes more significant these days. Our world faces an enormous amount of data which are produced every day. It is important to use clever softwares to help companies sort the information and use them in a right way...

Lukáš, Ladislav
Proposal of probability measures suitable for accounting data based bankruptcy models

Financial distress and bankruptcy modeling represents large and important field of economic research topics. This paper concerns with general structure of score oriented models in form of linear or affine forms built upon data available from standard accounting reports. For illustration purp...

Egerová, Dana , Martinčík, David

Martinčík, David

Gangur, Mikuláš , Plevný, Miroslav
On The Problem of Generating a Large Number of Comparable Test Variants

The paper presents a possible way of solving the problem of creating more test variants for a large number of students divided into groups. The proposed solution may consist in introducing a parameterized automatic test generator. The principle of an automatic parameterized test ge...

Fuksa, Pavel , Svoboda, Milan
Efektivnost indikátoru MACD na akciích společnosti ČEZ

This paper deals with efficiency of the MACD indicator. The aim of the study is to find whether this indicator would be usable for creating a business strategy for active trading at a stock exchange. The research was carried out on the basis of day closing...

Martinčík, David , Jarý, Čestmír , Šlechtová Sojková, Olga
Rekondiční masáže spotřeby prováděné centrálními bankami: experimentální verifikace

The contribution verifies the mainstream economics lemma that inflation stimulates consumption expenditures and vice versa deflation results in giving up of present consumption. We suggested the experimental design suitable for consumption-saving decision-making under different inflation and relative prices...

Svoboda, Milan
Stochastic model of short-term prediction of stock prices and its profitability in the czech stock market

This paper deals with stochastic modelling and short time prediction of share price development in Czech stock market. The aim of this research is to create such models which can be used for creating automatic trading strategies that will beat the market. Reliabi...

Munk, Michal , Benko, Ľubomír , Gangur, Mikuláš , Turčáni, Milan
Influence of ratio of auxiliary pages on the pre-processing phase of web usage mining

Data mining belongs to the one of the important tools for Business Intelligence. It is a means to increase competitiveness of a company. Web usage mining is engaged in data mining of web server log file and it analyzes the user´s behavior on the web site. The fi...

Vildová, Eliška , Martinčík, David , Tlučhoř, Jan , Jakubíková, Dagmar
Measuring customer satisfation and loyalty in spa companies

The importance of balneology for the economy of the Czech Republic has always been crucial. At a time of an unstable political environment as well as turbulent legislative and other changes, there is nothing more important than to ensure that spa guests are ...

Martinčík, David , Šlehoferová, Marta
Competitiveness and convergence of czech regions: persistence of discrepancies

The article provides an extensive analysis of the development of regional competitiveness in the Czech Republic over time. At first the attention is paid to the meaning of “regional competitiveness” and to the evaluation of proposed methods to quantify it. After that the...

Martinčík, David , Polívka, Martin
Contribution of corporate social responsibility to the shareholder value: experimental perspective

The article deals with the possibility of the Corporate Social Responsibility concept to increase the shareholder value. This value is expressed as Economic Value Added in conjunction with business science. Firstly, the theoretical analysis of separate parts of EVA is carried out...

Pitrová, Kateřina
Possibilities of the Altman zeta model application to czech firms

Many economists and analysts from all over the world have been trying to find a method to asse- ss company health and predict its eventual financial distress for many years. No economy is a small isolated island and the bankruptcy of a company can also i...

Daněk, Jan , Plevný, Miroslav , Teichmann, Dušan
The rational operation of the urban transport line network by minimisation of the needed vehicles

The construction of the urban transport line network is one of the fundamental problems in the traffic practice. Efficient functioning of the public mass transportation supported from the public sources in the towns is more urgent at present, when the individual autom...

Martinčík, David
Ekonomicko-sociální úroveň krajů: komplexní srovnávací analýza

The paper shows a method utilizable for valuation of widely defined socio-economic level of re- gions. The basic idea comes from so called magic or macroeconomics tetragon (diamond develo- pment chart, generally it is an economic n-agle) which is used to valuation of ag...

Beran, Theodor , Findová, Šárka
Matice MSD jako technickoekonomická podpora manažerských integračních nástrojů

The paper deals with the implementation of the MSD – Matrix of Sustainable Development in manufacturing company, producing the measuring and control equipment. Primarily the authors started from internal project solutions that significantly change the perception of technical and economic paramete...

Martinčík, David , Sojková, Olga , Aleš, Radek
Decentralizované řešení dopravní úlohy : experimentální přístup

Transportation costs minimization is one of the important questions in practice. The operations research developed a lot of analytical or heuristic methods of solution of costs minimization problems. On the other hand we can find in the literature only a small effort to apply ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33