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Hejduková, Pavlína , Pokorný, Jan
Veřejný sektor pro ekonomické a regionální geografy

Hejduková, Pavlína , Kureková, Lucie , Hejduk, Tomáš , Marval, Štěpán , Roub, Radek
Dostupnost pitné vody jako rozvojový faktor malých obcí z pohledu obyvatel a starostů

Benešová, Irena , Smutka, Luboš , Hinke, Jana , Laputková, Adriana
Competitiveness of mutual agrarian foreign trade of the Post-Soviet countries

The paper is an analysis of foreign trade of the Post-Soviet countries conducted for years 2000 and 2015. The aims of the research were thus twofold: to examine the bilateral trade scheme for the selected countries and to attempt to explore relations between competitiveness an...

Hejduková, Pavlína , Kureková, Lucie
Water scarcity: regional analyses in the Czech Republic from 2014 to 2018

esearch background: Water is a scarce natural resource essential for life and also many economic activities. Scarcity of drinking water is a problem that is ad-dressed at national and international levels. Global water demand continues to rise, but the quantity and quality of water...

Hejduková, Pavlína , Kureková, Lucie
A Model of Internal Migration: An Extended Neo-classical Migration Model and Evaluation of Regional Migration Determinants in Poland.

The goal of this paper was to carry out an empirical verifi cation of the theoretical model of internal migration and evaluate the infl uence of selected determinants on internal migration in Poland. In order to achieve this goal, an analysis of internal migration in Pola...