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Recent Submissions

Taušl Procházková, Petra , Machová, Kristýna
Social enterprises in the Czech Republic: selected aspects

Main goal of the paper is to contribute to the level of knowledge on the social enterprises´ characteristics in the Czech Republic. Special focus is placed to selected aspects, perception of barriers of social enteprises´ development and selected aspects of management. We confirmed ...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
Does a difference in the motivation of volunteers and other people exist?

Petrů, Naděžda , Pavlák, Miroslav , Polák, Josef
Factors impacting startup sustainability in the Czech Republic

Pavlák, Miroslav , Petrů, Naděžda , Blažek, Lukáš
Innovation activities at start-ups as an instrument of their competitiveness

The presented article analyzes the implementation process of innovation model within start-ups; and identifies key success factors of start-ups in a competitive environment. The attention is also paid to the internationalization of Czech start-ups. The theoretical part is aimed at general is...

Zárubová, Lucie , Švecová, Lenka
Is volunteering a way how students get the practice?

The paper discusses the topic of the volunteering. The motivation of volunteers consists of several motivators, which are individually different. The motivator of students can be to acquire the practice to current focus of study. Is volunteering linked to training for future careers?&#x...