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Remeikienė, Rita , Žufan, Jan , Gasparėnienė, Ligita , Ginevičius, Romualdas
Youth unemployment and self-employment: trends and perspectives

The main aim of this article is to research the relationship between youth unemployment and self-employment in the EU and categorise particular EU countries as the countries with youth self-employment driven by push factors or pull factors. It &#x...

Eger, Ludvík , Suchánek, Petr
Face-to-face and electronic communication with customers in retailing and company performance: a case study in the electronics and communication equipment retail industry in the Czech republic

Customers today can find the same assortments in a number of retail stores and through the Internet, thus effective store management has become a critical basis for developing strategic advantages. The aim of this research is to identify whether customer satisfaction measured by me...

Valášková, Katarína , Gavurová, Beáta , Ďurana, Pavol , Kováčová, Mária
Alter ego only four times? The case study of business profits in the Visegrad group

The paper studies a new point of view and the approach to profit as an inherent part of business finance as well as a symbol of every healthy economy. The fundamental function of the profit is a stimulus; it means initial motivator of the business activity. The ...

Boďa, Martin , Úradníček, Vladimír
Methodology of industry statistics: averages, quantiles, and responses to atypical values

The paper notices troublesome aspects of compiling industry statistics for the purpose of inter-enterprise comparison in corporate financial analysis. Whilst making a caveat that this issue is unbeknownst to practitioners and underrated by theorists, the goal of the paper is two-fold. For&#x...

Hashemkhani Zolfani, Sarfaraz , Yazdani, Morteza , Kazimieras Zavadskas, Edmundas , Hasheminasab, Hamidreza
Prospective madm and sensitivity analysis of the experts based on causal layered analysis (CLA)

“Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM)” is an expert based field which is working based on real data and experts’ opinions. So many studies have been doing based on MADM methods which they usually use qualitative data based on experts’ ideas. Decisions based on the experts...